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  1. This is weird, it took this guy four months to figure that M7 is a total POS... and it's true that it'll suck forever, however it's interesting that each time I saw that crap it sucked even more... it's a show that evolves on the suck level...
  2. I remember now, the mobile suit that sciroco used... cool!!! I thought the name was Ge-oh or something...
  3. nada.... I was gonna do a little M7 bashing but for the sake of the peace I'll reserve my commments today.. see ya tomorrow though!!
  4. "Maybe they will make a Basara guitar".... and what else?? Jem and the hollograms one?? or Prince's guitar... they're just as sissy as Basara... shame on you! On the other hand that Zaku guitar rocks! but it'll look better in green! thank's for sharing!
  5. Totally agree with you, both valks look like gundam stuff... like the armored VF11 wich wasn't that bad 'till they put that horrendous (and huge) cannon. About the AU gundam series I agree with you also, specially with Wing (total POS teeny booper series), G gundam (what can a I say?? a gundam that it's evil and a gundam made out of sailor moon... I'm embarrased... of being a gundam fan after that!... oh wait! as a Macross fan we have the stupid clown force.... ahhhhhh!!!! shoot me! ), after those the rest of the alternate gundam are quite decent, Gundam X is kinda boring, but it's good enough to not be included in "macplus's house of lame" awards, turn A is awesome, the designs are not that bad, actually they look great when animated and the story is great too and last but not least Seed wich after thinking it was crap at the first couple of eps turned out to be very good. Later folks!
  6. I agree with you 'bout the "raped everything i blah blah " it's a bad choice of words, you made your point and I accept it, however when I say that I like the story but not the show, what I mean is that the story looks good, but the way it is presented it's not, I'll give you an example, I thought that "the lord of the rings" was great when I read the first book years ago, however when I saw the movie I felt that it didn't deliver with the quality the story deserved, and that it used a lot of filler on video game-like special FX, same thing with M7 but in this case with all what we've already discussed a million times in earlier treads. By the way, I also agree that the problem in M7 lies in the superficial aspects, however you put that as if they're not important, actually they're 'cause it's what plays with our senses, and the way we imagine the series to put it simply, is like buying a car, let's say a Chevy with a Mercedes engine... the core is great, but the rest is not on the same league, do I make my point here? Now in the case of M7 they even went farther and painted the car PINK!!!! By the way, I drive an old Chevy.. that's why I used that example..hehehe!
  7. The answer is simple, Macross 7 atracted a big fandom.. all the people who loved Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon and the rest of those sissy, lame, girlie and geek shows felt at home in M7... so Kawamori made a lot of money out of their misery and continued doing the show... it's called a milking cow..... oh crap! here I go again!!!
  8. The simple answer to that question is that "you're wrong." Macross 7 was an awesome series, whether you choose to like it or not is your gig, but simply demeaning a show just becasue you're uncomfortable with its concepts is juvenile at best. You're wrong with this my friend, juvenile would be to say "I don't like it because I don't like it or it's not my style", I try to put facts on my posts about why I find the show so crappy, believe me I really tried to like it but I only got a desception each time (I saw it 2 and a half times). I would consider juvenile though the way I like to use strong words, but it's only for the purpose of having fun, not to insult anyone. On the Macross 7 topic I know you love the show and find everything reasonable about it, but maybe I have a more complicated vision of things, the fact is that none of the usual responses that appear each time someone bashes the show really convinces me, as I stated above I give credit to M7 that it has a great story, but only on paper, what we got is not good to me, it simply raped everything I loved about macross, and the creators just pushed it's sillyness to the limit, I would not go in dept about what things are involved 'cause you can imagine what I mean, try to see my point and you'll understand why normally the difference in opinions 'about this show is so radical. Feel free to elaborate in this, althoug this is not a M7 tread it's been a while since we had a civilized tread 'bout it. Again just my 0.02 cents Later
  9. Instead of looking for words to explain what is portrayed in macross 7 why not accept the fact that it was really a miserable, stupid and sorry excuse of a show full of sissies and the only thing that made it worse is that it's cannon with the rest of the franchise.. at leat make it a parallel universe like Macross 2 so we don't have to endure with that crpa on future series, again I stand with the fact that Macross 7 was a series full of potential while on the paper script.... but a complete turd as a show, the idea of being bombarded with sissiness and the overall lameness of the show is not my idea of a good product.. even worse they had to put a complete set of jerks as the heroes.. 'common.... Macross zero on the other hand doesn't have that constant stupid crappiness upon the things that look like "magic".., they even look realistic in the context of the story, maybe if macross 7 was made more seriously something good might have come from it. As it is Macross 7 is totally comparable to ZZ gundam.. a series that constantly ridiculized the old characters (even the mecha! putting a Zaku head on the Zeta gundam was a total crime, second only to what they did to the valks of the clown force... terrible), had a bunch of nonsense and put a complete loser as the main character and even worse, we constantly are injected with the idea that he's the coolest pilot ever... same with that pussy of Basara, the only thing is that ZZ turned out good at the end (good, not excellent) on the contrary M7 was a POS 'till the end. Macross Zero while not perfect was very good, I give it 2 thumbs up. Now back to the tread folks
  10. Althoug I'm mentioned Robotech as crap on my above post actually what really my message is that they not only took the designs that appear in RT and that they are legally able to use as roboturd things but they also took, renamed and included in their sorry story other designs that has nothing to do with'em, that's what really pisses me, it's like I start my own mecha story and use all the gundams as my own designs.. really, that's really shamefull, they should stick with what they have and include designs made by'em, terrible... And about geting accused for trolling I really don't care since this is a forum and one of it's purposes is that people stand their opinions, actually indirectly everybody here is like a group of friends so no big deal.
  11. both look very nice indeed, it's my favorite mecha from SC, now one of those transport ships would be nice too! thank's for sharing
  12. Man, that site is one of the sorriest ripoffs I've ever seen... no wonder is robotech... they even named one valk "Kawamori"... what kind of vermin made such crap? it's one of the things that truely makes me happy I'm on the macross side, it's the true side, not that turd and complete ripoff of designs that never had anything to do with that POS we all know.... Robosh.it. I wonder if the guys who made that site have any soul... what a lame excuse of a site is that...
  13. Another shamefull and lame aspect of M7 would be a more accurate selection of words hahah, I was being sarcastic. I like ur description just fine.
  14. Another shamefull and lame aspect of M7 would be a more accurate selection of words
  15. Maybe Aquarion is the name of a new sentradi fleet that appears in earth and blows everything and there comes another SW full of new valks and destroids! just like the old times!!!
  16. Thank you....for a while there I was starting to think I was the only one. Until that series, I really thought that I would love anything Maross. My opinion of Macross 7 is that it has a great story with lots of potential... on paper it was fine, but the way it is presented (ie. the show) is just a fruit cake circus, full of chesse, stupid designs, sissy characters, shamefull enemies and a really anoying lack of respect to what macross was... just MHO. now back to the tread
  17. Sh.it.. there goes my money again... can't wait to get mine. And Eternal Wind is nothing compared to "The time I'm seeing you" also from F91, that song is awesome! not that EW is less cooler though
  18. "spent a lot of time with his head in the toilet puking his guts out over what a crappy show it was" Welcome to the club man....
  19. He looks like Race Bannon (spell?) from Johny Quest.. at least an evil clone!
  20. Oh oh... I smell flames... I'm gonna keep it civilized but you have to be kidding...
  21. Well, the Metal Siren's head is not bad, looks like a ninja or something, pretty cool, however the VF17s head is not bad at all either, it's better than the heads they used for some of the blue VF19s. I can't remember the Zentran Valk's exact head... the thing was not that bad IMO, but Macross II designs are not very popular around here, they're pleasant for the most part, but that's only my opinion, nothing makes the Clown force turds bearable though...
  22. Because they had to blend with the rest of the show, so they made a helmet that is both shamefull, horrible and a complete POS. Out of the sarcasm the pilots of the VF11s had the similar helmets to the ones seen in Macross plus, at least similar, just the pussies of the so called special units had the helmets like the one seen above, terrible....
  23. This guy looks by far more menacing than Azrael, the outfit is really bad but I don't think that's gonna be the same everytime, and I don't agree that it's gayer.. Azrael was such a fagot that no character could be worse.... well, maybe the stupid junkie pilots, but those were just anoying... good thing none of them got to be in Destiny
  24. The original ones from SDF and DYRL are the best IMHO, followed really closelly by the one used by Isamu in Macross plus
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