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  1. IMHO Obi Wan wasn't killed by Vader in Ep 4, he handled the fight pretty well, he was just too old, every jedi that dies of natural ways desapears, he did that, so I guess it was his moment, Vader was a second late to kill him. Maybe it sounds absurd but if that's not the reason why every jedi that is killed doesn't desapear?? Vader died fro his injuries at the end, same as Qui gon... feel free to elaborate on my comment
  2. Nobody is mentioning Hellboy??? that show was a complete turd! and Alien vs Predator??? bleh! actually I'm still waiting for a good movie based on a comic, almost all of 'em are summer dumb teeny booper shows, really sad... Tomb Raider is another one.. oh wait, that one is from a video game.. oh well, having Angelina doesn't make something good I guess (almost no fan service!!! hehehehe!) Actually it'll be hard to make a good movie out of a comic since most comics from around here are IMHO very mediocre, nothing beats the good old manga! Just my 0.2 cents, later guys
  3. Seed Destiny still doesn't have POS mobile armor in the class of the Zeong.. that turd is posibly the worst design ever after the zakurello... please don't invoke such crap!! Hopefully Seed Destiny will be free of abominations like that, however with Okawara being such a mediocre designer I guess there's the posibility of it, the Zeong look-alike from Gundam X was not that bad though... here it is: MAN-002 Febral
  4. A trully shamefull waste of time, the ep started looking good but it turned into the same POS the rest of the series is, I guess it was un aired 'cause it's shamefull
  5. Not even Mylene could redeem that POS Macross 7 is. She's cute though!
  6. instead of working with resin Iwould suggest vauforming the kit's parts in clear vivak (a plastic), it'll be much cheaper and would show the internals way better, I've done a lot of resin casting and clear resin always ends with a few bubbles. Vacuform is very easy and you can make a machine very easilly, if interested I'll be around. hth
  7. The Battle 7 wasn't something new, it was a complete aberration and an insult to the Macross itself, good thing it was destroyed, too bad they were building another one..bleh.. I have 2 words for you. Daedalus Attack. You are defending a boxing battleship, you really don't have a lot of room here. On the Daedalus attack, the ship was used to put a big hole on the enemy ship, then the forward hatch would open to reveal a bunch of destroids that just blasted the interior of the ship with their ammo, now on the battle 7 we get only a couple of very stupid hands, for such a giant mecha I wonder what's the use, maybe to look lame I guess, and for a boxing ship there's cannons, try to deffend yourself bare handed with a guy that has a gun and you'll see, I find the design a complete POS, but I guess it's not that bad, but then they put the hands.. oh crap... just dock the cannon ship into one of the arms and that's it, not stupid hands.. bleh.. by the way, battle 7 looks like one of those weird mecha from Rahxephon! Later buddy
  8. The Battle 7 wasn't something new, it was a complete aberration and an insult to the Macross itself, good thing it was destroyed, too bad they were building another one..bleh.. refering to the asuka II sorry! silly me! anyway don't say that the asuka looks like that turd of the Battle 7! However Battle 7 fits pretty good the rest of the series.. a total POS
  9. The Battle 7 wasn't something new, it was a complete aberration and an insult to the Macross itself, good thing it was destroyed, too bad they were building another one..bleh..
  10. Thank's Anubis, gotta get a bit torrent program though, never used that thing, anyway if you already have the soundtrack could you please check if the song I'm looking for is there? TIA
  11. Do you have an idea of what songs come with it??
  12. Hi people! I'm looking for a specific song from gundam seed, it has been almost imposible to track the name or the file, I have 3 GS soundracks but it doesn't come on any, a search on the internet has yield nothing, so maybe you guys know the name or even can send me the file. The song I'm talking it's in episode 34, when we see a control room completely empty but the computer is detecting the ZAFT invasion forces and sounds the alarms it starts at minute 12:02 and ends at minute 13:32. PLease help! Later folks! PS: the same song appears on episode 35, when the federation submarines are getting ready to activate ciclops, it's on minute 7:10 'till minute 8:37.
  13. what a crappy looking mecha! Kawamori was possesed by Kunio Okawara! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Portman is cute! I like petites like her, she's not that skinny by the way, if you guys want to see skinny+ugly+cheap check that bratt of Paris Hilton
  15. POS magazine gives a POS list... period, specially since it's only made with the US point of view... normally the above mentioned magazine always makes a lot of propaganda to what is showing on cartoon network (another POS in my opinion) and the americanized versions of the shows, I've never liked the way they handle the shows around here, on most of the other dubbed versions from another countries they respect a lot the content and try to be as close as posible to the original around here we get a total change, for example why they changed the music in Dragon ball Z, specially with the crap they're using? and why they change Mr Satan's name with Hercule? I understand the religious and other things involved, but hell! don't show it if you have to bastardise something! what we need is a channel that shows everything in japanese and uncut, the way it should be, about the magazine and the list my opinion is that it's a complete "robotech" case..bleh.. Later folks By the way, before somebody takes these as an attack of some sort, it is a constructive critisism, don't star having weird ideas, no flames this time
  16. Both of 'em died, it's not clear on the movie, but the novelisation clears this, I don't know if they became energy, angels, turds or whatever, but they both died when the psychomu overloaded and blew the mobile suit. By the way, it's a great ending, but I admit that it's sad that both died, it was kinda of an end to a whole saga... oh well
  17. That's from J-Decker you dummy. Really? are you shure you want to call me a dummy?
  18. Come on MacPlus if you want to make fun of it go to the real thing I never get tired of this one: Holly crap! Gamlin looks like the short haired Sharon Apple!!!! and if Keith got rid of my sleep by mentioning that POS show of Stinky Orbots you killed my apetite with those two sissies..!! we need censorship! thank's "pal"
  19. Oh man.. I remember that show... thank's for killing my sleep... that show was awfull!!!!!
  20. Check out the brand new super anti protodevlin valk, custom made just for the Macross 7 fleet to their specifications... and equiped with a speaker on it's butt.. BOMBA!
  21. I knew you would say that! That's funny, I was betting on "Bomba!" *hands AgentONE $5 * Nope, bomba is what Basara needs... a big BOMBA between his sissy rear... and a total BOMBArdment to everything related to that crap that M7 is. By the way, about Basara being anoying (and a wuss and everything else.. you guys understand) I really wanted Kaifun to die a trully mind disturbing death on the original series, he was a total loser and to be honest one of the few characters that was anoying on SDF:M.... BUT he appeared from time to time only, too bad nobody kicked some sense out of him..... now here comes Macross 7 wich has Basara... he's basically a Kaifun clone, a total loser and a real pussy, but this time he's on every episode, anoying everyone 24/7 and spreading his sissyness and lameness constantly, so my point is: is basara anoying? hell yeah!! why the hell nobody kicked his sorry a.ss or killed him on the first episodes?? beats me but if M7 has a another sequel someday I hope it'll be one where Basara gets a really stupid death.. like being slaughtered by a rabid gubaba or something, the rest of the fire bomber crap completelly eradicated from the universe, the clown force turds burned and..... oh man.. the list is gonna be long... well, you guys are smart enough to imagine the rest... now Kawamori: please return to the Macross wich has realistic designs both mechanical and characters, no stupid magic or sissies everywhere, enemies that are not designed to appear on the teletubies and overall a show that deserves the name Macross.... not one that deserves to be called "teletubies in space" or "sailor moon and her band of clowns" or even worse: "sissy squad" Later folks
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