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  1. going to Silent Hill for vacation. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

  2. This might have been covered before, but I will ask anyway. I was finally able to purchase a 1/48 Hikaru vf1, and everything was fine except for one thing. On the hip joints where the swingbar attaches to the leg a split formed on both legs at the joint. also there appears to be a black rubber disk slowly working it's way out of the hip. Is this a problem? It doesn't seem normal but, on the otherhand there are no stress marks, and the joint is still tight. Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. The Roy Focker Experience Featuring Hikaru
  4. It's called Super Dimensional Frotress Macross or just Macross. It is indeed 36 episodes, and is the original work on which Robotech is based. ADV is the current licence holder for the series, and you can find it where ever finer DVDs are sold.
  5. I love G-Saviour. It sits on the shelf and reminds me that no matter how bad a movie is it can't be worse than G-Saviour. Unless it's Manos: The Hands of Fate which is on a whole different level. Back on topic though what about an MG Kapool.
  6. I hope it will be turn a or something else totally unexpected, like MG psycho gundam
  7. I dont think that the UC should be killed, but the early years of it should be given a nice long rest. Let's see some stuff from later, like just pre or post F-91, (I'm still hoping for animated crossbone gundam). Heck lets see some stuff far into the future. I still maintain that a gaia gear movie or series would be kicking rad. Also if aliens were introduced into the UC I think they should be presented more like the moon race from turn a gundam. I.E. humans who have been cut off from the earth for an extended period, and have developed thair own culture, and government. Perhaps a far future story where the long forgotten Jupiter energy fleet returns home to earth. Just a thought.
  8. Who knows, I would like to think that they just returned to side 3 and Oliver eventually got a coushy job at anaheim electronics.
  9. I still like my old 1/60th valk. Infact I really liked the old 1/60th line since I could afford it/ more easily justify purchases to the girlfriend.
  10. It was ok for a fan trailer. I really don't think that any of those series would be done right if they were made live action. I also don't really see the point of making any of these animated works live action in the first place. It just seems like too much would be lost in the transition.
  11. The no grade Turn A I did was pretty nice (Had clear plastic beam sabers, good posability, and a pilot figure of sorts.) I know mahq has given pretty good reviews on the f91 NG. But I would still really like an MG Turn A someday as it is one of my favorite gundam designs.
  12. and besides once the gundam one is mass produced...
  13. I would really like to see Blanka working as some kind of anger management counseler
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