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  1. Actually, there aren't as many Rock-on tiles as I remembered. They are limited to the TLEAD (sic) Thanks all for the translation help, it looks like the game is complete.
  2. Thanks! I figured #8 was a piece count as there are exactly 468 little game tiles. I was trying to match up other parts to the numbers and none of it was making any sense. There are 3 game boards, so one of those might be 6 or 7. I am wondering if there were supposed to be more instructions as the booklet that is there seems to only cover the rules, and there is a roman numeral 3 (III) on the back cover possibly indicating the third book? I am wondering if there might have been a couple of other books that had Mospeada info and possibly scenario setup as I do not see any section of the rules that indicates how you set up the game, just how you move and "Rock-on". (not being derogatory, that is the actual text on about half the Lock-on tiles...yes some say Lock-On while others say Rock-On )
  3. I have a mospeada board game, but I need help translating a section that I believe is the inventory. Here is a picture link: Mospeada Game Any help on what this says would be helpful so I can check for completeness. Thanks in advance
  4. Was there ever a 1/144 VF-1D fighter mode? Doesn't matter by whom. I didn't see one in the model section, or from a google search.
  5. I have listed a bunch of stuff that ends Sunday. Much Macross and some other sci fi and weird items. Here is the link to the list: darklord items
  6. Some accounts accept only echecks instead of instant bank transfers. Not sure how this is done or what status an account is in to have this happen, but I have had the same thing occur. I nearly missed it, but when the payment options came up, paying by instant bank transfer was not there.
  7. Huge...though needed for 1/72 scale I guess...like promethuem5 said, it's too big for me too. Something I would steal from the 1/100 set is the scaffolding. Some framework could come out of the one wall and be supported by pillar in the middle of the floor front side and run to the backwall. 1/100 Factory Link
  8. What if any Macross kits are coming out for 2007? Yamato is releasing all the toys that everyone has wanted it seems, e.g. reworked YF-19s, FPs for the new YF-19s, etc. I see Wave is coming out with a VF-0A Battroid like their VF-0S Battroid. What other kits are coming out? No other posts came up in some searching I did here.
  9. Saw this on yahoo japan and couldn't make out what it is. YF-19 Model FAST
  10. I am interested in the episode numbers of the first appearances(if any) of the following mecha: RDF Spiderbug recovery vehicle Dragon II Fighter (Not sure this appeared in the series, was it just in the line art books?) Male Power Armor Officer's Pod Booster If there is a good online reference, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  11. Must have been a limited time thing as the 20% off sale excludes New and Preorder items as per the main page disclaimer.
  12. I have some macross auctions ending this evening. I thought I posted here, but it looks like I didn't darklord4 auctions YOu have to scroll past the playstation games in the list Quick Macross list: Hobby Base Retppu 1/72 VF-11C Thunderbolt Battroid, complete Bandai 1/144 battroid/fighter dual kits: VF-11 MAXL VF-19 Fire VF-11C
  13. Here's an article about coke and chrome... Cola as Chrome Remover
  14. I'll wait until there is a Fast Pack Version. Hopefully Hasegawa won't pick it up as I'll then have to by at least 8, with different decal sheets.
  15. The scale on the YF-19 wouldn't fit with my other models, and I'm not a big fan of the SDF in cruiser mode, movie or TV. No main guns! I'd like a big attack-mode SDF, movie or otherwise, though I'd like the TV better(Aircraft carriers and giant robot! ) Others... What about the recovery pod that the Zentraedi use to recover the cat's eye in 1/72 scale to go with a cats eye? or a big scale ARMD platform? or the Theatre scout pod that spy's on the Minmei concert? or the Zentraedi Landing craft in either 1/200 or 1/100(!) scale?
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