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  1. Loved the trailer! Had my jaw on the ground for a good 5 mins. My only gripe, is they need to dirty up those Star Destroyers in the space shot. They look too clean and "new", like freshly pressed new, not built new. Unless it's supposed to be that Caped Moff's ISD. He looks pretty sinister. Also wondering who the "sith" looking person is. And yeah, it looks like that one dude might be playing Biggs, but we wont know till later. I'm excited for this! Can't wait!
  2. I just played through one of the stories on SW:TOR over the last few weeks for the first time, and at the beginning they say they didn't know if Revan was male/female. However, later in the game they always portray Revan as male. Still, I'll be looking for that figure everywhere till I have it in hand.
  3. Fatalist

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That "A" type variant reminds me a lot of the Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter.
  4. Is it safe to buy Poe's black X-wing toy yet? I'm aware of the bent wing laser cannons and nose cones issue, and it's the reason I specifically bought the Walmart blue/white type for my kid for Xmas, which fixed that issue (and can confirm). Also, I recently found and bought a Revell Level 2 Poe black X-wing kit, and I'm thoroughly disappointed. I'm not even 2 steps into the build, after already doing some base level detailing, when I noticed that one of the sprues is missing a piece! I had to double and triple check everything to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. The sprue where it's supposed to be at, looks like it was either blocked or didn't take and somehow got past the QC/bagging stage. I looked everywhere for the piece and it's nowhere. It's one of the bigger panels for the inside of the wings. That being said, it's bigger than the Bandai kit, but the plastic feels cheap and toy-like as opposed to what Bandai uses. Way less detail. Overall proportions seemed decent and not "off" and toyish looking like the Level 1 kit. And I don't remember seeing a pilot. It has a little BB-8, but thats it. I'm planning on seeing if I can get it exchanged. Get it only if you can't get your hands on the Bandai kit. I'm antsy for a bigger kit and a bigger, better detailed toy.
  5. I'm still waiting for them to do a new X-wing to scale to go along with that TIE/SF. It would be huge, but I don't care, it would be a thing of beauty. Hell they went through the trouble of making that Falcon, why not the X-wing?!?!? I just want something better than what they're offering for the 3.75" line. Patience I know, we have two whole other films to go. It's going to get crazy here in a little while, what with the Rogue One merchandising of the OT look to go along with the TFA toys. TRU is going to need a whole section just for Star Wars. Crazy times we're living in.
  6. If anything, it comes down to the CG Supervisor who's supposed to know and oversee stuff like this. If that person wasn't in the know of the markings, like many of you have also found, then it could just be a slip. The CG crew guys, the ones working on the shots and scenes, don't get any kind of say during the process. When working on movies, it's very "shut up, do your job". People probably did know, but it either got shut up or pushed aside to make up some time. Also of note, they did mention Red and Blue squadrons, but I never saw any "Red" marked X-wings, so my guess is to save some time, they made the 1 CG model and colored it the grey/blue, cloned it, flipped the switch on a negative filter and got Poe's black/orange X-wing and called it good. Just make a handful of grey/blue copies and throw them into the scenes as necessary. Heh, maybe they'll "fix" it for the future Special Editions.
  7. I just read something this morning about a B-52 taking part in flying around South Korea as a jab at North Korea. Maybe thats where the other one went?
  8. The Bandai TFA X-wings that I ordered just before X-mas finally arrived in the mail today. So excited to get started on this build!
  9. Everytime I see pictures of this product, I keep thinking "yep, looks like something that needs to be in a cardboard backed blister pack hanging on a peg for 10 bucks". While I'm glad a company took a stab at producing something for Macross II, I feel they could have done A LOT better, especially with the technology out today. Easy pass.
  10. Exactly, and it was the last straw that forced me to go see the movie. People need to be more careful.
  11. I bit the bullet and ordered a couple Resistance Xwings. Hopefully they arrive. Should be around the 14th of Jan.
  12. If they made a new X-Wing in that series and scale, as well as detail, I'd hop all over that. Saw it on Friday at a local TRU retailing for 159.99. Couldn't believe they actually had one. The box was huge!
  13. Thanks Chris!! When I originally got the bug about needing to get some sort of X-wing, I had wanted to go for the diecast ones, but I could never find them at the Disney stores and the online shop weren't even listing them anymore. This is good news!! I'll have to go hunting today.
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