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  1. Wave SDF-1 up for auction. Thanks for looking. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...T#ht_500wt_1182
  2. I'm looking for a professional artist in Southern California who can paint some kits for me. Thanks!!
  3. Any chance on seeing Macross II valks in the future? Max/Ben TV Valks, Moon/Paris Minmey Guard, TV SDF-1, VF-11B with full armor, and any chance of the Stealth FP's being reissued? Thanks Graham!!
  4. I'm looking for the Komilia Wall Scroll that was released years ago. It shows her in her pilot suit with her helmet off. I'm also looking for a completed Arii Misa PVC 1/6 figure. It was originally released as a unpainted/unassembled kit, but it was released later as a completed kit. Thanks in advance.
  5. does anyone owe a hg meteor unit from gundam seed? i was wondering which is better, the meteor unit or the mg sazabi.
  6. ok i got a another question guys, you know the beam sabers that comes with certainn kits, they are either molded in clear green or clear pink. is there anyway to change the color ro red. is it possible to thin the red enough so it would look clear but at the same time keep it's color?
  7. thanks chris. also is the pg 1/60 wing zero custom worth getting or the mg 1/100? also any word on a pg freedom?
  8. anyone know if bandai is planning on releasing a mg providence or duel?
  9. i just bought the blue astray 1/100 and i'm about to start building it soon. i think it's a awesome looking kit but i'm not sure how poseable it will be and i was thinking of modifying it. i don't have the mg stike and i know it comes with the inner frame so i wanted to know if i could build my blue astray around the inner frame.
  10. thanks chris. also, if i used another 1/100 kit to attach to the frame instead of the stike kit, would it fit on there?
  11. i have a question guys, for those who have the mg 1/100 strike aile, who exactly does the inner frame work. i mean how do you attach the white parts on? do they stick directly onto the frame or do they attach to on another and sit on frame? thanks
  12. here's a thought i just had about kira's newtype abilities. i remember that in a flashback mwu's father approached the scientist who wanted to create the ultimate coordinator(kira) and had asked the scientist to clone him which resulted in rau. well since the scientist did clone mwu's father he would need his genetic information right. so what if he found a gene that resulted in newtype abilities in mwu's family, hw would've wanted to implant that into the kira because he was going to be the ultimate coordinator. during gundam seed the "ping" would only occur when mwu and rau were around each other, so perphaps they can only sense others who have the same type gene. in one episode when they were fighting in the interior of a colony it pinged when rau sensed kira, so that could mean that he shares some genetic similarity with rau and mwu. and i think that's why in seed destiny kira was able to sense neo during the battle in episode 23 and in 32. and it would also pertain to neo and rey during their fight at the beginning of the series, sharing some genetic similarities.
  13. is there any word yet if the alphas will be able to connect to a beta, if toynami decideds to prodcue a beta?
  14. http://ashi.anime-epoch.com/index.php they have the single Life Goes On, if anyone is interested
  15. i don't think Rey could be a clone of Rau because Rau was originally a clone himself and he was sort of a defect because of the pills he had to take. so if Rey was a clone of Rau wouldn't he have the same genetic problem as well.
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