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  1. I honestly can't even remember what happened to Neo at the end of 3. All I remember of 3 was those really poorly designed mecha with absolutely no armour or protection for the pilots fighting the Sentinals. I've tried my best to put both 2 and 3 out of my mind.
  2. Impressive, most impressive. Next step folding and unfolding tail fins and backpack. Final step..........full transformation!
  3. Me too. Split Second, Flesh & Blood, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Blind Fury, The Hitcher, Salute of the Jugger AKA Blood of Heroes, Ladyhawke are my favorite Rutger Hauer movies besides Blade Runner.
  4. I'm actually really excited about Picard after watching the trailer. Looking forward to seeing Seven of Nine again. I'm actually watching Voyager at the moment, currently halfway through season 5.
  5. Graham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks, those two pics are exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Ohhhh..........very nice, this will be a must buy.
  7. Graham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Can someone please post a photo of the underside of Chuck's VF-31E in fighter mode with the radome in the stowed position please, I really want to see how it looks all folded up from underneath.
  8. Had a good time starting the build on the RG Sazabi yesterday. Got the legs and the torso finished so far. My only complaints are: 1) Some of the tiny silver stickers that go on the inner frame are a pain in the ass to get off the sticker sheet and even using a par of tweezers and a craft knife, it's not easy and I ended up damaging or losing a few. The ends of some of the stickers got folded over accidently while I was trying to apply them and I couldn't unfold them, so ended up just not applying some of them 2) The front skirt armour, especially the right side front skirt doesn't attached that securely and can get knocked off quite easy when you are handling and posing the kit. Still, it's a great looking kit and the articulation on the legs is amazing.
  9. Luckily my Bandai Metal Robot Spirits S Gundam, Ex-S Gundam and Z-Plus C-1 toys all have pretty tight joints. No floppiness so far. The non-metal Robot Spirits toys in my Gundam Sentinel collection, including FAZZ Gundam, 2x Nero, 1x Nero Trainer and 1x EWAC Nero all have fairly loose hip joints. The Neros all tend to want to do the splits, so you have to pose them carefully. The Gundam MK-V and Refined Barzam joints are still tight. The Show Z red EX-Gundam's joints are all pretty tight, similar to the Bandai joints. However, the booster connection is not as secure so the whole backpack can be knocked off fairly easily during handling. Also, the crotch armour and chest armour (I-field generator) do not attach as securely as on the Bandai originals.
  10. Well, I went ahead and bought the Master Grade ver. 2.0 RX-8NT-1 Alex Gundam this morning, as it's been getting fantastic reviews online. I'll definitely also pick up the RE100 Zaku FZ as well when it's released later this month, so I can pose them together. I hope Bandai releases a Ver. 2.0 Master Grade MS-18E Kampher, as the original MG is supposed to be pretty bad.
  11. To be honest, for some reason I thought he'd died years ago.
  12. I love the TNG era, but I've personally always wanted to see a show set 100 to 200 years after TNG. Always thought it would be interesting to see how technology and the Federation have developed.
  13. I don't see any mention of Harmony Gold or Macross in that document.
  14. Kinda tempted by the new MG Alex. It's always been one of my favorite MS designs.
  15. So I take it there was absolutely no news of a new Macross TV series or about what happened to the presumably cancelled TV series we were supposed to get this year? Dissapointing
  16. Well, this sucks. Can honestly say I haven't bought anything Robotech since 1990, so have not supported them in decades.
  17. Just up to episode 6 of season 3 and really enjoying it far more than season 2, which to be honest I found a struggle to get through. And I loved season 1
  18. The ShowZ red EX-S Gundam figure arrived. Here's a couple of crappy phone pics of it with my Bandai Gundam Sentinel Metal Robot Spirits toys. And yes, it is an exact copy of the Bandai EX-S Gundam Robot Spririts toy, apart from the coloration. My only complaint with the ShowZ version is the Back Boosters, crotch armour and chest I-field generator can come off a bit easily when handling the toy.
  19. Did I hear there was a special coating version of the RG Sazabi coming, or did I just dream it?
  20. So, I'm planning to buy the RG Sazabi tomorrow, as the RG RX-93 Nu Gundam is coming out later this year and can't have one without the other. Any feedback or comments on the RG Sazabi?
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