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  1. Just finished binge watching Dead to Me season 2 on Netflix with my wife this weekend. I hope there will be a season 3. Now watching Colony season 3 on Netflix.
  2. Really Hoping we get news of a Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X3 soon or a Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth. Or my dream, a Metal build Assault-Buster V2 and V-Dash Gundam Too much Astray and Seed stuff recently. Not my cup of tea.
  3. That's what she said But seriously, I already placed my preorder a few weeks ago and impatiently waiting for more pics.
  4. Here it is: https://exclumagazine.com/2020/05/04/hot-toys-tease-16th-clone-wars-captain-rex/ Ah, it only mentions Rex. I must have recalled incorrectly about Ahsoka.
  5. I'd buy all of those at once, especially Jesse, 501st Clone Trooper Ahsoka paint version and Gar Saxon.
  6. I saw a link today about Hot Toys season 7 Rex and Ahsoka. See if I can find it again.
  7. It's already been May the 4th here for over 15 hours already. Sheesh, you guys are so slow
  8. I'm really enjoying it. Loved the fight scene against Patrick Huge.
  9. Nice, I love the vehicles from Captain Scarlet.
  10. Definitely getting that Black Series Snowspeeder. And The Mandolorian figure with upgraded Beskar armour.
  11. Pre-ordered the F90 II MG a couple of days ago already. I'm a huge fan of the F90 design. The original 1/100 scale non-grade F90 A/D/S kit was the first Gunpla I ever bought and built, way back in 1990 or 1991. I love the mangas as well, both the original and the currently running F90FF manga. I've got 3 of the F90 MG (built 2 so far) and all the mission packs so far released (S/E/M/F). The F90 MG is an absolutely rock solid kit. Really looking forward to the F90 II MG.
  12. Oh Wow! yeah, definitely getting that.
  13. Wonder whatever happened to that Spare Marine figure from Bandai that was announced a year or two ago? Cancelled? Vaporware? Or still to be released?
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