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  1. Hopefully, there will be a digital download version to buy, available outside of the US. I haven't bought a Blu-ray in years and really don't want to buy physical media anymore. Annoys the f*ck out of me that Amazon US/UK will sell and ship me any Blu-ray/DVD/CD disk I want, but try to get the same movie/TV series/album as a digital download and it's "Oh no we don't sell to your country".
  2. Extremely disappointed these are not 6" Black Series figures. My son and I gave up collecting 3.75" figures about 7 years ago. Now we only collect Black Series 6" Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers and Mandalorian figures.
  3. A read that a lot of the time this is actually the case and Pedro Pascal is not actually in the suit that much and mostly just does the voice work. Dunno how true that is though.
  4. What's that Stormbringer from? I'm presuming a manga or game.
  5. I thought there was already a Metal Robot Spirits Freedom?????? Or maybe that was a Strike Freedom.....not really a fan of the design so never paid much attention, but pretty sure saw a Metal Robot Spirits toy shelf warming in a nearby toy shop.
  6. I personally hate waterslide decals, I find them a real PITA to use. I'm a quick builder............snap together and panel line only. So I prefer either dry rub transfers or stickers (which are getting much better in recent years).
  7. That Unicorn MGEX is an easy pass for me for the following three reasons: 1) ¥23,000 is a bit more than I'm willing to pay for a 1/100 scale Gunpla. For that money I'd rather just pay a bit more and get a Metal Build Figure. 2) I'm not really into light-up gimmicks. 3) Although I like the Gundam Unicorn anime, I've never been a fan of the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn design. I don't own a single model or toy of the Unicorn. The Jesta and Jesta Cannon are my favorite mobile suit designs from the Unicorn anime.
  8. So after finally watching Gundam 00 TV series season 1 this month and currently half way through season 2, I'm in love with the Exia design. I've already bought Metal Build Exia and Metal Build Exia Repair 1. My Metal build Exia is currently configured as Exia Repair 3. Currently trying to decide whether to buy one more Metal Build Exia to have it displayed as original Exia or buy a Metal build 00 Qan (T)? I only can afford one, not both. Thoughts? I've no emotional attachment to 00 Qan (T) yet, as I have not seen the movie yet. Is it a good figure?
  9. Question for the hive mind. Although I've built a great many Gunpla over the years they have for the most part been MG, RG and a very small smattering of HG, as well as some older non-grade kits back in the early 90s. However, I have never built a Perfect Grade kit. Now I'm thinking about it. While I'm mostly a UC timeline fan there are unfortunately no UC-era PG kits that I really like (I'd love a PG V Gundam, V2 Gundam, RX-79G Ground Type, RX-93, XM1 Crossbone, but alas they don't exist). Existing PG UC-era kits such as the RX-79, MKII, Unicorn, GP-01/GP-01FB, Zeta are just not Mobile Suits designs that I'm attracted to. So the only PG Mobile Suits that I like enough to buy are non-UC era designs, with my favorites being the Exia or the Strike Gundam. So for those that have built the Exia or Strike PG kits, which is the better choice in terms of fun factor, frustration factor, details, gimmicks, long term durability, poseability, long term tightness of joints etc?
  10. To be honest, despite being a Macross mega-fan since 1982, my interest in Macross has waned in the last few years, since the train wreck that was Macross Delta and the lack of any decent new Macross TV series or OVA after Delta. Also, despite loving the VF-1 design after having bought nearly every variant of the Takatoku 1/55, Bandai 1/55, Bandai 1/100, Yamato 1/60 v.1, Yamato 1/48 & Yamato 1/60 v.2, I've become deathly bored with the VF-1 and have no interest to buy the Bandai Hi-Metal-R or Bandai 1/48. Burned out on buying the same mecha in the same colours, with only dubious possible minor improvements again and again and again. These days, although I keep an eye on Macross, my interests are more airsoft and Gunpla.
  11. For the most part I've always said and wrote day, month, year. Just the way I was taught. For example 1st January 2020. Although occasionally when speaking I will say month first, probably because I do deal with a lot of Americans in business. But I'll never put the month first in writing. Writing the month first just seems wrong to me. Smallest to largest unit.......day, month, year is a logical progression. I'd be interested to know if any other countries do it the US way and put the month first? Personally it's something I've only ever encountered from Americans.
  12. Wasn't that announced like 2 years ago? I'd pretty much given up on it already and assumed it was cancelled.
  13. It' past January already and those figures are not released, Or is that the stupid US, nonsensical, ass-backwards date convention that the rest of the world does not use?
  14. Hmmm............to be honest not sure how I feel about this. The Crossbone Gundam is one of my favorite Mobile Suit Designs, but this kinda strays a bit too far from the look IMO.
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