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  1. One of the best Macross box art ever!
  2. So far here in Hong Kong, Disney+ has added the 3 Frontier movies & the 2 Delta movies on 12th July. The Frontier TV series and Delta TV series were just added a day or two ago. Still no sign of Macross 7 TV series though😭
  3. Th Bandai 1/65 VF-17D/S are still one of my all-time favorite Macross toys. I've always loved Macross 7 TV series and the VF-17 design. Gamlin was my favorite character. The Bandai VF-17 toy is super rugged, even more so in my experience than the 1/55 VF-1 Chunky Monkey . I own about 10 Bandai VF-17 since they were first released in what 1995 and I have yet to have one ever break, despite the fact that they are all plastic with no diecast parts. Even with my son throwing them across the room when he was a child, they didn't break. They are super quick and fun to transform and actually look surprisingly good in all modes, apart from the fighter mode side profile which is too thick. (look great from top down view in fighter mode though). Only other downside is he terrible landing gear. I was actually really disappointed with the Yamato VF-17 toy. I really felt it didn't capture the spirit of the VF-17 very well. Sorry for the sidetrack away from the Bandai YF-21 DX.
  4. It's great that they give us a spare for the Super Pack antenna.
  5. What happened to the VF-5000? Is it vaporware?
  6. As a huge fan of DYRL and the VT-1 I'm super excited for this DX 1/48 release. Makes me think back to my days in the early-to-mid 90s of trying to track down the Bandai 1/55 VT-1 and really regretting not snagging it when I saw it in a shop in Hong Kong in 86 or 87.
  7. The antenna is easily removable.
  8. Will take and post pics later.....mine only have a slight bend, so not as extreme as some of the other cases posted. As mentioned I can live with it.
  9. So, all 3 of my Bandai DX YF-21 have a very slightly bent (but not broken) head laser. About 5 to 10 degrees of bend at the tip and a slight white stress mark. I'll live with it I guess......I mean it's not like I have choice. It would have been so simple for Bandai to completely avoid this problem by shipping the toys with the head laser unattached, as they did with the thrust vectoring panels, but whatever. And I'm sure it would have not seriously hurt Bandai's profit margin to have included a spare head laser..........but again, whatever!
  10. And yeah, the nose on fighter still looks too short to me. Also, there's an opening air brake on the dorsal spine, that I didn't know about previously. Nice gimmick.
  11. Got it home, took it out of the box. Haven't transformed it yet. Just zoomed it around a bit and deployed the landing gear I also put Guld in the cockpit, attached the thrust vector paddles (they are not attached to the YF-21 as it comes in the box, you have to attach them yourself). I also tried to fit the FAST packs. The belly FAST packs attach fairly easily and securely. The non-transforming gunpods can attach to the fighter mode both with and without the belly FAST packs installed. However, I could not get the arm FAST packs to attach to the vertical stabilisers. At least on my toy the peg on the arm FAST packs that plugs into the hole in the stabilisers seems to be a bit oversize and I couldn't get it to plug into the hole. I didn't want to use excessive force. A word of caution, the tip of the head later was slightly bent on mine in the box and as there is a panel line there, it looks like it would be easy to break off the tip. And there is no spare head laser in the box. The instruction manual even warns you to be careful with the head laser.
  12. And I'm not home yet, won't have chance to actually handle it for several hours or maybe even until tomorrow or the weekend, depending on what chores the wife gives me. 😅 I just quickly opened it now to snap a few pics. So, don't necessarily expect quick first impressions. 😂
  13. Just picked up my first one. Excited to open it when I get home tonight after work.
  14. Even though I have the first release HMR FB2012 VF-4, I'm still looking forward to this.
  15. I'll give this a try tonight when I get home, but don't have high expectations. I've also always though that the Jedi are the least interesting thing about Star Wars. For me, the animated shows, Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch & Tales of the Empire are my favorites outside of the original trilogy and prequel trilogy. I also really liked The Mandalorian season 1. However, I disliked Obi Wan and Ahsoka & Book of Boba Fett. Thought Mando seasons 2 and 3 were just so so. Unpopular opinion, but I found Andor extremely boring and struggled to get thought it. I actually fell asleep several times during episode 5 or 6 and eventually gave up. altogether and never finished it.
  16. Missing my favorite Fire Bomber song, Diamond Calling.
  17. HG Fire Valkyrie looking awesome. Can't wait to get mine. Just hoping we get an HG VF-17D/S and HG VF-11C/D
  18. Zero interest ever in a dub of anything Macross or any anime for that matter.
  19. I'm going to pass on this, as I've already got 2 VF-31J and VF-31J Super parts first issue. Already got full VF-31 Delta Sqaudron DX TV toys. I just wish Bandai would release VF-31AX Arad and VF-31AX Chuck DX toys from Zettai Live.
  20. Yeah, 100% confirm the game as installed from the physical PS4 disc version of Macross Shooting Insight, which I ordered from Amazon JP, includes Hikaru and his DYRL VF-1S. I installed the game while logged into my Hong Kong Playstation account, I did not download or install any DLC, as there is no Macross content on the Hong Kong Playstation store......certainly Macross Shooting Insight is not on the Hong Kong Playstation online store. While I think I do have an old Japanese Playstation account, I haven't logged into it for years, probably since the PS3 Macross 30 days, or Maybe when I had the PS Vita Macross Delta Scramble game,,,,,,I forget???? Not even sure I still remember the password for my Japanese Playstation account, it's been so long.
  21. And I'm gonna have to agree with most people that the game is kinda meh. I would have preferred a remasterted version of the old ArtDink PSP / PSVita games. Or Macross 30 remastered for PS4 or PS5,
  22. Got my standard version PS4 game yesterday from Amazon JP, without any of the extra stuff. So no booklet etc. Is there really any extra DLC available at the moment??????? After installing the game last night from the disc on my HK Playstation account, it already includes Hikaru's DYRL VF-1S.
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