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  1. Try this: https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/1/16934424/peter-tieryas-mecha-samurai-empire-alternate-history-science-fiction-book-q-and-a I haven't ready it but it's been mentioned on a few groups I a member of.
  2. American Horror Story: Apocalypse disappointing IMO...........I would rather have had a story about nuclear war and post-apocalyptic survival in fall out shelters vs roving bands of mutants and survivalists rather than a................ Asylum and Hotel are my favorite seasons of Amercan Horror Story.
  3. Gonna be starting to build the RG Crossbone Gundam this weekend. Little worried by the tiny size. Not sure my aging eyes are gonna be able to handle panel lining the tiny parts.......haha Although I previously disliked the Crossbone Gundam design, I've recently gotten into it after reading the manga. And I've always had a thing for the small size, late UC era MS such as the F90, F91, V and V2. Was originally thinking of buying the MG ver. Ka Crossbone, but after reading and watching a lot of reviews it seems to have a lot of negatives. Being an older kit, the colour separation is not great and most of the yellow parts need painting as they are only provided as yellow stickers. Also, seems like the colour separation on the weapons is not good as they also need the trim painting. Wish Bandai would release a ver. 2.0 MG Crossbone kit and while they are at it a ver. 2.0 Victory Gundam also as the red circle stickers used on the MG Knees and elbows suck.
  4. Not that expensive. Living in Hong Kong I can order directly from P-Bandai. P-Bandai Hong Kong Pricing is: Mission pack set = HK$140 (including 2 types of packs), so x 13 sets to get the 26 Mission packs = HK$1,820. F90 is HK$280, so x 3 = HK$840. Of course need to add some shipping cost but thats not expensive, the second F90 I ordered from P-Bandai they charged me HK$40 for the shipping. So say HK$40 per F90 for 3x F90 and 13x Mission Pack sets = HK$640. TOTAL = HK$1,820 + HK$840 + HK$640 = HK$3,300 Converting that into US Dollars makes that about US$423 total
  5. I'm looking forward to the VSBR packs for the F90 and also the S & D packs. It will also be interesting to see the rest of the previously unseen 26 mission packs.
  6. A) No to reboots or remakes. Lets have more new, original stories please. B) No to another streaming service. I'm happy with Netflix and Amazon Prime, although Amazon Prime may get replaced by Disney Plus once the Mandolorian and Season 7 of The Clone Wars become available. Honestly, two streaming services is my limit.
  7. Yep, I've already got the first two weapon packs (E & S). Will start building them tonight. Also, planning to buy one more F90 and the other packs as they are released. Luckily, living in HK makes acquiring P-Bandai stuff easy at list price. Gotta say the colour separation on the MG F90 is awesome. Also, it's a really solid kit, no real problems with parts falling off when handling it unlike some kits. Also, the articulation is pretty decent. It can do a good ab crunch and both leg and arm articulation is pretty good.
  8. I'm really loving the newly released P-Bandai F90 Master Grade. It's a great kit. The original non-grade 1/100 F90 A/D/S was the first ever Gunpla I built way back in 1990. So happy that a Master Grade had finally been released as the F90 is one of my all time favourite Mobile Suit designs.
  9. Here's some quick phone camera pics of my 1/144 RG RX-93 Nu Gundam. Straight build, no paint. Just panel lined with Gundam marker and stickers applied.
  10. I'm sorry, but just what in the holy shitsnacks is this supposed to be???!!!
  11. Will have to give this a try. Only have vague memories of the 80's movie, wasn't a big fan at the time.
  12. Graham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Luckily never interested in the armour parts. The NERF orange colour really turns me off and I don't like the overall design.
  13. Graham

    Hi-Metal R

    As per the poster I bet it's gonna be a show exclusive pink VF-1S...........LOL
  14. Looks quite like a stylized Gebeara Tetra IMO.
  15. Just watching Gundam Build Fighters for the first time. Yes, I know it's several years old now and a kiddie anime, but I'm actually quite enjoying it. Nice easy watching.
  16. My next weekend's build will either be the RG RX-93 Nu Gundam or the MG ver 2.0 RX-78 NT-1 Alex Gundam. Both are in my cupboard waiting to be built, just trying to decide which to build first. to be honest, I was a little disappointed by the RG Sazabi, despite all the rave reviews. Sure, it looks awesome, but the frustration factor is fairly high when posing it, as the right skirt armour and left should armour seem to fall of every time I handle the kit and these are not parts that can be glues on. So I'll probably build the Alex Gundam first. I think from now on I think I'm gonna stick with 1/100 MG kits rather than 1/144 RG & HGUC.
  17. Just Spent the weekend building the Master Grade Jesta. It's an awesome looking kit. Got the LED for the head as well. I'm a sucker for Special Forces MS.
  18. Really NOT a fan of these sort of designs. Still hoping one day for a third party Xeku Eins and Xeku Zwei to round out my Gundam Sentinel collection.
  19. Kinda want this, but the Core Pod design really looks ugly and the toy seems to be lacking the chest vulcan that even the MG kit has.
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