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  1. Thom

    A cool dio

    That's pretty sweet. Now all he has to do is make it available to the masses.
  2. Awesome work! You have kudos for that tremendous amount of win!
  3. Thom

    VF-0S Phoenix

    Embarrassed? For what, man? That's a great looking model! It's always good to see more Zero's.
  4. Really dang sweet! Did you say the first 2 weeks of August? I'll be sending another payment, I guess... And any word on delivery of the VF-2? I can't wait to get that one! I'll wear it to the next model show!
  5. My nerdiest moment hasn't even been recognized yet. I went to a local sign shop with two graphics, the new MF Skull and the old Kite. The skull I had sewn onto the front of a black baseball cap, with the kite on the back. It's getting faded now, so it's time to make a new one, and so far, no one has noticed...
  6. Thom

    Latest custom.

    Lovely work, though I could've used a little more of the moon...
  7. Is the main barrel on your's bent too? The barrel on the super-armor pack on both of mine our cast with a downward bend.
  8. That's awesome Kelsain! Can't wait to see more.
  9. For that price, the dang thing had better be able to fold out past Saturn!
  10. I'd agree with the Quarter's size. Not too small and not too big for the shelf.
  11. I bought two resin versions from http://www.e2046.com/index.php?language=en a couple of years ago. They were recasts and had a bit of a waiting list. I didn't see any listing for them now, but e-mail them. Hopefully they still carry them.
  12. Beautiful model. Need bigger pictures though to appreciate it better!
  13. Great idea with tracing the details and replacing, I will definitely keep that in mind!
  14. This should be pinned in Important Topics! Let's not 'lose' it!
  15. Looks good. I like your idea with the intakes, and if I'm courageous enough - when I do mine - I may attempt that!
  16. That's if it was a real 'failure...'
  17. I still miss the Robotech intro. Too bad they can't combine the two...
  18. Real nice. I guess this guy - or gal? - came home on a wing and a prayer...
  19. Well, if it required redoing the voices as well, then forget it. Kowomori would never go for that. The best you could do would be to tweek the voices with audio software to make them sound more natural and fluid and basically clean up the audio tracks.
  20. Thom

    DYRL SDF-1

    Do you mean this one? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=32020 It sounds pretty awesome, but the price tag is as far out there as the Megaroad!! Plus, I have to consider shelf space, as in I don't have any!! But I do have to get working on my SDF-1 again, before the same thing happens to me! I've been working on my Andromeda so much, it's sitting by the wayside...
  21. I'd have no problem either way. The original is great, with okay animation and solid storyline. If however, they did redo it, it would be awesome with new paint and CGI. But please, keep the original voices, and keep the characters as recognizable as possible.
  22. Let's make Max a woman and keep Mirya a woman!!
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