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  1. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Looks great! I wanted to do this scheme too and have a spare Alto tornado sitting on the side just for this. What brans of paint did you use and if it was custom, mixed what was the ratios?
  2. In the works right now. Event sales garage kit. Dunno which event though I'm guessing Wonderfest. VF-3000 Crusader fighter VF-3000 Crusader battroid
  3. Hi-Metal R

    The gunpod probably clips in that little slot on the backpack and maybe another spot?
  4. 1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    Sets the mood for some intimate valk time.
  5. Macross Cosplay

    Leon Sakaki from the Macross 30 game.
  6. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    For those who did not see or know about this before here is the link to Mech9's 1/60 Yamato VF-1A Transformation manual which he translated in English. Scroll down on the page to see it. Forgot if it's from a fellow MW member though whoever did this, thank you for this and the other translated guides. Hopefully it helps. The Arcadia manual is different but this one should do. Also, wasn't the there a sticky for the transformation guides befroe? http://www.mech9.com/2011/10/yamato-160-perfect-transformation-vf-1a.html
  7. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    Dunno if the pic I posted shows up but it showed the backpack up at a 45 degree angle. Push down on the outer bottom areas of where you circled at the bottom hinge. It should unlock with a click and now show the bottom hinge pin. The upper hinge should then be able to move freely. Upper hinge meaning hinge toward the rear of the plane.
  8. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    Did you try doing it like step 4? This is from a Yamato VF-1A but should be the same. It'll be stiff like how it looks like in your pics until you get it unlocked. I just tried it by opening mine for the 1st time and the backpack was like yours until I unlocked it then it moves easily.
  9. Bandai DX VF-31

    http://www.yetistand.com Yetistand Alpha for sure then maybe dual arm x1, elbow x1, then bandai DX banking adapter x2.
  10. Macross Cosplay

    Found this sweet group pic from a retweet of https://twitter.com/OlibecchiH:
  11. Bandai DX VF-31

  12. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    They should do the white version since they already have the molds for it finished already.
  13. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Just erase all pics of the SDF-1 on the cover and put "Premium Finish" in its place then that'll be the PF version boxart.
  14. Fighter to Gerwalk transformation: https://twitter.com/expertenannex/status/924822137306628098 To Battroid. https://twitter.com/expertenannex/status/925175904157831168 This was just a mechanical test unit made via ZORTRAX printer. They'll make another prototype with the Projet HD 3500.
  15. Fighter mode only. That's why it looks so good. I think the Max one is the same model too. PeterB made that one with a custom canopy I believe .
  16. This is the 1/72 kit correct? Looks way better in that scheme.
  17. YetiStand Alpha.

    It's 3-4 days tops for me since it's usually shipped USPS flat rate though I'm on a rock surrounded by water.
  18. Bandai DX VF-31

    A couple of the sellers have multiple listings so I dunno how they're gonna fulfill the orders. Hopefully they don't end up cancelling the orders or worse yet, scamming everyone.
  19. Bandai DX VF-31

    In about 7 hours the next ordering window for the VF-31J Kai will open up again if anyone's interested.
  20. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    If you're uploading to Shapeways, you can use this as a guide for Strong Flexible Plastic under the design guidelines section. https://www.shapeways.com/materials/strong-and-flexible-plastic.
  21. Hi-Metal R

    Yup, on the last page (407) near the bottom Atheonyirh posted a link to the tamashii site that said the release date was 11/23/17. In December we'll get the missile regults. Man, talk about non stop damage to the wallet!
  22. Ko/3rd party Regult?

    It was mentioned in that thread a while back. It's a new design. Also has the heavy missile option as an add on i believe. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/44602-this-was-bound-to-happengray-market-vfs/?do=findComment&comment=1350315 Some pics: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/44602-this-was-bound-to-happengray-market-vfs/?do=findComment&comment=1350939
  23. Finished VF-0B here and here. Finished VF-0C here. Hello. I always wanted both a VF-0B and a VF-0C but I doubt Arcadia will do them (though one can hope!). I bought extra D's and A's in the hopes that the canopies could be swapped so I could make both a B and C. Thankfully they could and posted a couple of pics in the toys section. Although they looked okay I thought "both of them need a paintjob" so here I am. Bear with me as I'm a noob at these things so some of the ways I do things might not be the best way but it worked for me. Some helpful tools to have are: Spudger/Pry tool kit for the tiny screw hole covers and areas that need a little gentle help. Roll pin set and a small hammer to access the pins in the swing bar and to separate the chest piece. Don't need to do this using the new way. Extra plastic containers with lids labeled to keep all the small parts together. Don't do what I did and leave them in ziplocs as I found out the hard way as my darling wife threw a bag of small parts out into the rubbish and I spent half a day sorting through bags looking for it First thing I did was to take apart as much of the valks as I could so that I could mask and paint. Here is a pic of it apart, primed with Tamiya fine grey, and sprayed in AS-16 light grey. The legs are together and hanging. The rest of the time was masking and painting the various colors. I decided not to do the SPW scheme and instead do the VF-8 theme in the Master File. I sprayed the nose and lighter colored parts AS-20 insignia white, TS-16 yellow, and TS-29 semi gloss. After I let everything dry I put it all back together. Here's some pics of it in gerwalk and fighter modes. There's still a lot of stuff I need to touch up and put on some decals but that's where I'm at now. Thanks for stopping by! Here is the scheme for the VF-0B: This is the VF-0C scheme: 3/13/17: I added on the VF-0C to this thread so that I don't need to do another one. Edit 3/22/17 VF-0B Colors: Tamiya fine grey primer, AS-16 light grey for the main color, AS-20 Insignia white for the lighter parts, TS-18 yellow and TS-29 Semi gloss black. TS-80 flat clear. VF-0C Colors: Tamiya fine grey primer, TS-81 Royal light grey for the main, AS-7 Neutral grey, TS-15 Blue, TS-16 Yellow, and TS-29 Semi gloss black. TS-80 flat clear. EDITED: 8/26/17 I want to thank fellow member Ratatarse as he also did conversions but had a different way of converting. The difference is that he showed an easier way to convert than the way I did it. All he did was swap the cockpit sections along with the cockpit shields. Disregard all the rest of the instructions as my method was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Lol.