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  1. My first thought about that side profile was that it looked really fat directly under the wings. I think it was the amount it curves down, like how far the lowest point of the belly plates is below the intakes, but after looking at it a bit more, I'm changing my mind. With the all the misaligned panels there and the big gap under the wing leading edge, I suspect it's somewhat mistransformed and the belly plates will pull up a few more millimeters. And if Bandai allows us to mount the guns down there (and they better) then that will break the profile up and help out as well. I think I'm sold.
  2. How do fleet economics work? How did Frontier get so rich, and how does that help them build a YF-29? Are the fleets close enough to each other and colonized systems that they are buying raw materials and/or contracting out work?
  3. snakerbot

    Macross figures

    Yeah, I was about to say it actually looks like Sheryl for once.
  4. That's an insta-buy for me.
  5. They were crewed, and outfitted with a full bridge and everything, but clearly were capable of operating autonomously, given that Banshee-IV was devoid of crew when Rei and Tom landed on it. Like most of the rest of the SAF, by the end of the war the humans were probably there just to do what the computers were telling them to do.
  6. It's Lacia from the book-turned-manga-turned-anime "Beatless".
  7. As someone who intends to rebuild a 1967 Mustang as soon as I have space to do so, I'm all over this. It looks great.
  8. I like my Brera with supers as well. I used to prefer it without them, but they've grown on me a lot. The leg packs stay on great, the arms fall off if I look at it wrong. I don't want to touch it for fear of dislodging something, but I think it's one click down on the GERWALK joint, but the knee is between clicks.
  9. Hot damn there is a lot of good wallpaper fodder in there!
  10. I'll probably go see this with my sister sometime in the next couple weeks. Horror is one of the few movie genres that we both really enjoy, although this does look more like my style of horror than hers.
  11. This sounds about right to me. The Red Bull air race penalizes* the pilots if they exceed 10g during their runs. I always figured this was a safety thing - they didn't want the pilots doing anything that could pose a risk to themselves or the spectators in exchange for time during their runs. I would expect g loads during an actual flight, either in the air race or combat would be over a shorter period of time than a centrifuge. *Before this year, exceeding 10g for 0.6 second would be instant DNF. For 2018 onwards, it's a 2 second penalty, or a DNF for exceeding 12g at any point, although this depends on the class.
  12. They omit the rudders because it makes them stealthier. If 6th generation VFs parallel what we think 6th generation fighters will be like in real life, then we're going to be in for some boring fight choreography. 6th generation looks like it's going to be all about stealth, long range, and electronic warfare. There's a bunch of stuff going on under the skin that will be interesting, like new, more efficient engines and sensor fusion tech. I'd be interested in seeing VFs based on the 6th generation concepts because I think they'd look interesting, but with active stealth in Macross, there isn't really an in-universe reason to make them that shape.
  13. I was supposed to be at a field location away from a computer today and was really worried I'd miss it. Fortunately for me, that didn't end up happening and I got to watch the stream. It was a phenomenal watch. Absolutely spectacular from start to finish.
  14. https://myfigurecollection.net/item/20065 Maybe? The pictures aren't great, so it's hard to make a good comparison, but the pose is right.
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