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  1. Major bummer. But yes , was expected..
  2. Oh yay! Recycled and bootleg designs!
  3. Finished the first 4 episodes. I'm very entertained. Enjoying it so far. I could throw in the spoiler tag and go off, but I'm just gonna say they've really mashed up the 2nd and 3rd books into something wholly different. That's ok though. Expected this since the trailers.
  4. What you said.
  5. Swooshing aircraft in your hand doesn't count as being a pilot
  6. Oh my.. Beautimous
  7. This is bbilly29
  8. Hey guys. Do the Gallia IV parts fit on both V1 & V2 VF-25 DX's? Particularly the fold booster. Or we're there a separate release for the renewal VF-25's? Also, I noticed the YF-25 Prophecy doesn't have holes for the booster mount . Does it not work on the YF-25? Thanks.
  9. If they pull from the EU and KOTOR. That would at least help with continuity and be familiar territory (world building) for older fans. I personally don't want most of what's come before to be wiped from a galaxy far, far away..
  10. Now you just need the incense , candles and wine..
  11. The floating head strikes again!
  12. Its for sure! Or.. not..
  13. And then there's the issue of kicking down to ole boy Lucas if they use any pre Disney material..
  14. Same here. I was doing good on EU books and comics for decades. They weren't perfect, by any means. But in comparison...
  15. Bingo! Oh man. Didn't catch that one. I pray not ya., it looked like a big mash up panic meeting. I'm sure everyone at the door was told their job is on the line. Then Disney made a pr vid out of it. And meanwhile Disney Chief executive Bob Iger makes a surprise exit.
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