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  1. Phew, crisis averted. Sorry to hear about the issue many seem to experience with the toy. This is the sole reason why I don't buy first-release of any new/revised-mold from Arcadia/Yamato, bar the YF-19 (because its cool as hell), or wait till I can comfirm they're issue-free before dropping the greens. On a side note, I did have a bad experience with Yamato's 51 Ivanov...both hips on mine broke due to brittle plastic, hence I'm sitting this one out. Glad I did.
  2. I might take v2 1/60 Roy from you. I'm waiting on another member''s response. If it doesn't go ythrough,  I'll message you back.

  3. Had to...amazon jp price was too tempting to resist
  4. Touchdown! Took 3 days from Japan to the States via DHL (Amazon jp)...and both boxes are intact! *finger crossing* that the rattling sound from inside the boxes are just the option parts moving around, as others had mentioned in the other thread...
  5. Just got mine today too & was surprised with the rattling sound coming from inside of both boxes. Won't have time to check till weekend, but I'm assuming those are just the option-parts moving around .... riiight?
  6. Thanks for the replies! April should be good to go. Haven't preordered anything in ages, but been waiting for either 1/60 v2 VE/VT/VF-1D.
  7. Those who ordered from Amazon.jp, may I know approx when they'll request payment? I ordered two, back when pre-order opened. I know the figure will be released in April, but just want to know when they'll request payment so I can plan ahead. Thanks!
  8. Btw, experten also made a chibi transformable YF-19 kit few years back
  9. Because...why not?! Theyre fun to transform (perfect transformation), lots of details &...fun fun fun. At one point I had like 8-9 of them lying arounfd but now I'm only keeping two (1S Roy & 1A Hikaru). Made a CF/destroid custom myself back then, but sold it on ebay...someone here bought it? I know a few who hoards them like crazy back in the days ... Bobepatt still here? He's a total JM junkie...
  10. Just to put it out there, in case it wasnt clear. To OP, the kit you're building is not perfect transformation. Note the battroid-mode nose cone has the hip joints while fighter-mode doesnt. Basically there are two swappable front fuselate sections, one for fighter/gerwalk, another for battroid. And yeah, Bandai's latest 1/72 VF-1 kit is a mess...but fun to build. Wish they can revisit them, but given that other recent Bandai toy-valks are overly complicated to transform, I dont they have the know-how to simplify the transformation.
  11. If they ever release 2 seater variants KO's (1D, VT, VE), I'll buy them in a heartbeat. But I guess they'll focus on milking the mold for now..oh well, I can wait.
  12. ¥ is soaring : Business Insider
  13. Thanks for the mini review. As suspected from some video transformations I watched, seems like the legs are deliberately designed to not hold together well & are pretty loose. Personally I will be bothered. Over the years of collecting Macross, I realized playability played a big role in determining whether I keep the toys or sell them. The ones that survived my now small collection are the v2 VF-1's, v2 YF-19 & Yamato's SDF-1. Well, I wouldnt say SDF is playable, but honestly I haven't transformed that big guy because I prefer ship mode. Will read more reviews like yours and decide if I'll jump on Bandai's next VF-1 releases. Thanks!
  14. Great to see another iteration of the VF-1. But from comparison pictures so far, IMHO I do still think the yammy/archie are still the best, aesthetic/proportion/playability wise. Bandai looks just a little bit bulky and disproportionate compared to the yammy/archie. Maybe down the line I'll get one of them Bandai badboys for the sake of it, just like most other Bandai valks that I got, but eventually sold due to their lack of playability. Oh well.
  15. I'd totally jump in if they release the 1D/VE/VT. But I guess now they'll just ramp up production on the VF-1 mold. Well I can wait.
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