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  1. I've been out of the loop, what happened to the new macross series? I remember we used to have a thread about it, did it get canceled? Or did it turn out to be the second Delta movie?
  2. all PMs replied. Added DX Chogokin YF-25 Prophecy
  3. This old man is trimming down his collection. Reasonable offers will be considered. Low-balls will be ignored. Shipping via USPS to the lower 48 states only. Actual shipping costs from California, USA are not included in prices below. Add 5% paypal fees unless doing direct Paypal fund transfers with no fees. I can provide shipping quote and pictures upon request. Shipping within 2 days of funds received. You'll find reviews for me if you search for "locidm" in the straight shooters thread. Arcadia 1/60 - VF-4G - never taken out of box - $290 Yamato 1/60 - VF-22S Gamlin - got it used from Mandarake years ago, never transformed by me, complete - $200 Yamato 1/60 - V2 VF-1A Unpainted Kit (with optional parts) - never assembled, baggies still sealed, glue holding box together is becoming undone - $150 Yamato 1/60 - V2 VF-1S Unpainted Kit (with optional parts) - never assembled, baggies still sealed, glue holding box together is becoming undone - $200 Bandai DX Chogokin - YF-30 Chronos - displayed, complete - $350 Bandai DX Chogokin - VF-25F Alto renewal with Tornado armor parts set - assembled/partially transformed once (for putting on parts), complete - $410 will not part Bandai DX Chogokin - YF-25 Prophecy - displayed, complete - $200 Evolution Toys - VF-2SS Silvie with SAP armor - SAP have one piece (the tiny peg on the large dish that goes to the back in bot mode) broken off - $30 for those of you who want this piece of junk - SOLD
  4. locidm

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Opened mine from CDJ and inspected it, Antenna intact. First impression on fighter mode only is that I like the Arcadia a lot more. The Arcadia just feels more solid, with a more premium surface finishing, and a superior feel overall. The Bandai feels like a toy, with lots of tampo printing, and perhaps due to mistransformation out of the box, connections feel loose. Not a close debate in my mind.
  5. It's been awhile since my last good haul, I'm quite excited about this one!
  6. I really like the hangars that come with these. They’re very sturdy and feel good to build. I opened up the 102F also and like it just as much as the 101.
  7. My old and extremely yellowed HM VF-1J finally found something to cover itself. While yellow still visible at least it looks menacing.
  8. I don’t get it, Bandai is able to do perfect transformation with VF-31 and SV-262, which are much more complicated designs. Why would anyone doubt any different with the simple VF-1?
  9. Just amazon jp. I was checking it every day for months. Price finally dipped right before it sold out. Woohoo! Another Legioss! ET’s title of arguably-best Legioss now seems to be temporary! Looks like Sentinel might have figured out how to fold the feet right finally? Hard to tell from the angle. And yay we’ll get yellow and fuke!
  10. I had waited and waited and finally got the eta for like $160 before shipping few months ago and now it’s sold out everywhere. I’m glad I got it and love love love how it looks. Too bad I don’t think the red or green will ever drop that low as I imagine the run will be much lower and faster to sell out.
  11. AE posting also up but already SOLD OUT http://www.anime-export.com/product/40857
  12. locidm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for pointing this out! I didn't know either. Now I don't need to track down another pair, and no need to get myself the 31J Kai either.
  13. locidm

    Hi-Metal R

    VT-1 is still available on HLJ, I wonder if it means it's really not popular! This blows the chance of ever seeing the 1/60 reissued.....
  14. this came 4 weeks ago, finally got to take him out last night. It's a gorgeous piece.......the ARMDs are for sure much harder to get on compared to the Yamato version. Haven't put on the screw covers yet. Hoping to free the VF-31A, regult pack, and Big O full package from their brown boxes soon.
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