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  1. Barely dust my stuff. I don’t have the patience.
  2. Saw a new AT-AT at Walmart. Wonder if it’s worth picking up over my old one. I couldn’t say for sure there any many changes. Did like the grappling hook Luke.
  3. Think it’s possible hot toys will reissue their 1/4 scale Vader. Looking now to get one but there seems to be a $200 price hike minimum on it.
  4. Looking for what ya got. Pm me with price. thanks! Erik
  5. If I were boba I’d just chalk up any beef with Luke a loss and call it a day. But given the chance.....
  6. I’ve said it before and I’m generally not into comedies but if you haven’t checked out Norseman on Netflix it’s great. Watched it through a few times already. One of those shows you can put on while trying to go to sleep.
  7. Ugh this pisses me off. They owe me about $400 worth of super and strike parts.
  8. Ok thanks. I think mine is just a standard version they came out with a long time ago. Prob worth upgrading to this. But would really like the 1/4 scale
  9. Is this the definitive Vader as far as 1/6’s go? Would like to upgrade my much older one. Wondering about the materials and such used. https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/star-wars-darth-vader-hot-toys-906190
  10. I believe they connected me to them. The insurance coverage does show up on the usaa site when I sign in.
  11. You got me. Maybe they just verify with the manufacturers it was real. But that would be difficult. Maybe it has something to do with a police report for lost guns. I really dunno.
  12. I believe mine is through American collectibles insurance. Would cover my WW2 collectibles and my guns if I sent them all of the serial numbers. But not sure how I feel about that.
  13. I have like 40k in coverage with a company connected to USAA. Costs me like $300 a year. Not that it would help me much as I have nothing written down or saved anywhere to tell them what I had. I should at least take a bunch of pictures.
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