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  1. Thanks! Really like it so far. Super smooth and quiet on the highway. Has a bigger trunk and hood then my fit but overall not much more room if any for passengers.
  2. I had a little 96 eclipse gs-t. Fun little car but kicked myself for not getting awd. And my 2002 Camaro ss with the ls1 was a fun car until a tree ran into me.
  3. I would gladly offer myself
  4. I would kill for a 1/48 yf-19
  5. Hey I’ve religiously bought everything that has come down the pipe with nary a complaint. Something just seems off to me with this. Doesn’t mean I’m not getting it.
  6. Is anyone here getting Unicron. I had to update my pay information and seriously considered not. But it’s something that may not be made again.
  7. Maybe it’s that the panel lines look bad without weathering.
  8. It looks kinda plain and the panel lining looks like it was done in pencil.
  9. I love the vf4 but am I the only one that thinks those pics don’t look so great?
  10. I think he’s just saying an addition to a house.
  11. They’ve been pretty good with me but I have also bought a lot from them.
  12. Yes it is bad and I’m considering the same thing...... I have a bedroom absolutely full of toy boxes.
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