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  1. I want this but I think the days where I scour sites looking for them are gone. If one pops up on release for a decent price I’ll grab it.
  2. I’m really into this green 1A. Maybe use some of that govt money to put an order in....
  3. Ugh. Trying to slow my collecting to pay bills. I do have a set of stealth strike packs with no valk..... someone buy this fast!
  4. I don’t even want to watch season 2 as I think the new guy just won’t be near as good as the first guy.
  5. Yup as a die hard OT fan this makes me sad. Even though the prequels had their problems they felt like Star Wars movies. These new ones. Not so much.
  6. I love berserk. That being said I have two kick ass statues of him. Don’t think I need anymore.
  7. Loved this “series”. Dark, weird, and perfect in length for my ADD. Can’t wait for season 2.
  8. I complained about this earlier in the thread. I don’t think the premium looks so hot.
  9. The max is looking good!
  10. Hhmmmm do I want that baby Yoda? He’d make an interesting little conversation piece.
  11. When I saw an article saying this is “woke” I lost all interest. It’s a shame.
  12. I would love to see production numbers for these. Well for that matter any valk.
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