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  1. Yeah I’ll open mine when the strike packs come in. Now do I leave it in battroid or fighter....
  2. My latest toys. Trying to get back into rc airplanes. E flight ec 1500 and spektrum dx9 receiver.
  3. It’s drawing me in. I like it so far. I also think the pacing it just fine.
  4. Sorry I accidentally quoted then it wouldn’t let me type. Weird. anyway how am I going to display this. Battroid all loaded up or fighter.
  5. I know I’m suppose to be more excited for Roy but can’t wait to get Hikaru
  6. Oh jeez. I can’t even remember what they were called. The planes had something like a 50” wingspan. I’m looking into getting back into it.
  7. Cool! I love RC planes. Got out of it a few years ago after I crashed my favorite plane and took apart my other plane and never put it back together.
  8. Decent show so far. But yeah what’s the actual storyline going to be.
  9. These metal builds are really good. I’ve fell out of collecting them though. Well I did have to pick up chars zaku. Like sqidd said I love bad guy mech.
  10. I don’t want purge mode if it effects the look or function at all.
  11. I’ll take a 19 reissue without the writing on the wings.
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