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  1. I missed the window to order a kakazaki. Think they will be readily available on release. I think I want 2.
  2. Kurama wouldnt let me finish my checkout. Ugh. Getting frustrated.
  3. Ok now it’s back with a $10 price hike.
  4. Hmm gone already.
  5. I mean if they make it to difficult to get these super parts I’ll be just fine with the 6 strike parts I have coming to me. I don’t get the change in strategy.
  6. So where can I get these super parts? Will NY have them. Not enthused to order from them but I’m never in a hurry.
  7. Managed to get one from amiami. Thought it would be an impossibility for me to get one tonight as I’m at work and have to use my phone.
  8. Is the 0-S a Yamato? I have a old ghost. Haven’t tried to fit it to the Arcadia 0-S
  9. Nothing wrong with that. The most money I ever spent on one product was 2 PF 1/3000 sdf-1’s. Don’t think I could pull that today!
  10. Wow ok. Reminds me of me a few years ago. 3 or bust!
  11. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    Oh great. That’s what I was dreading.
  12. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    Anyone have the plamax 1/20 minmay? Just ordered one. Hope it’s decent. The hikaru looks good too.
  13. I hate looking at this thread. Makes me want to collect more gundam. But alas I’ve really cut down on collecting to save money wise. And the fact I have no room for anything. I did recently order the green gffmc(I think) green zaku. I’m a sucker for enemy mechs.
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