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  1. That looks better than mine . Might have to rearrange
  2. That’s absolutely true. I tacked a couple parts on with hot glue
  3. Hmm that wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I’m not much of a stickler though.
  4. I didn’t think about it before but I had cats in my spare bedroom before I started dumping all my toys in there. My in box jet fire , shuttle tydirium, and b wing all yellowed as previously mentioned. I think it may have had something to do with the cat piss odor. Maybe ammonia like previously mentioned. Looking on eBay that shuttle tydirium is not easy to replace. Well no chance in making them worse so any ideas on bringing the natural color back?
  5. If they decided to do a 1/60 of this I’d bet it would do quite well.
  6. I didn’t align with her on most things but props for sticking it out for so long.
  7. I’m tempted to sell off everything to an estate sale place. I can’t handle the thought of yellowing.
  8. Yep got 4 strike part sets from NY. Won’t respond on the other 2. (I know there’s a thread for this). But anyway looks like I won’t be getting anymore than 4 dyrl releases. Hard to decide on a max 1s or 1 a though.
  9. Yeah I broke down and waitlisted Endor Luke. Thought he would go good with my scout trooper on speeder bike. Will set him up chopping off the front end. leia and wicket look good. So ordered them too. Only in stock I ordered was the clone wars yoda. He looks pretty good. I feel like the shipping was a little ridiculous though.
  10. Anyone plan on picking one of these up. I’m considering since the not zero looks so damn good.
  11. My latest acquisitions. 2 emperor scorpions.
  12. I had to request a shipping change and it was during the pandemic. And not too long ago. These other sets I’m getting the big X
  13. I initially ordered 4 sets from ny. I got them no problem. Now I have 2 left that they’re not responding to tickets to. Sucks.
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