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  1. I complained about this earlier in the thread. I don’t think the premium looks so hot.
  2. The max is looking good!
  3. Hhmmmm do I want that baby Yoda? He’d make an interesting little conversation piece.
  4. When I saw an article saying this is “woke” I lost all interest. It’s a shame.
  5. I would love to see production numbers for these. Well for that matter any valk.
  6. I didn’t hate this movie but I’ll def put it behind the original trilogy, attack of the clones, and revenge of the sith. I hardly watch the phantom menace due to jar jar. I just feeL these new movies don’t fit in to any of the other movies in feel. Say what you want about the prequels but they felt like Star Wars movies.
  7. Probably more then half of my shipments from japan aren’t even attempted to be delivered. They just put the slip in the mailbox. It doesn’t help I’m a couple hundred feet off the road.
  8. I use to think that the 1S’s were the cool valk. But I think I switched to thinking the 1A is cooler.
  9. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    Mine has shipped. I’m tempted to tell him forget the refund and put the money towards making a new zentran soldier.
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