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  1. Awaiting Gatchaman updates. Great static cape. Hope there are a few cape options as well as a soft goods.
  2. Will check it out. Another good Korean movie: I saw the Devil.
  3. When Bandai pivots back to DYRL a 1A is what they'll probably do. The mold is there ready for a new coat of paint.... although I dare to dream of a tv angelbird.
  4. Been on a Korean movie binge. Latest one: The Wailing (horror) on Netflix... pretty good.
  5. Thanks jenius. That seems like a pretty good guess. My lamens guess would be the Max 1J, since we've seen it in the wild.
  6. When could we assume the next DX release after the 1D would be announced?
  7. Also hoping that the elevator chair will be in all future releases now that the 1D has it.
  8. Haha me too. Thinking of the Max 1A... but really WANT the mass production.
  9. Interested in Hikaru 1J...but too expensive now. If there's a reissue may pull the trigger. Luna Park has an ok price for Max 1A... trying to stop myself from impulse buying that..so far successful lol.
  10. Thanks for your replies sqidd & Anasazi37. I'd love either a Max 1J or 1A mass production movie (fingers crossed) . Not interested in 1D or TV Roy. Neither am I interested in the GBP.
  11. That's a shame!! Thanks sqidd
  12. Please tell me that's a DX Max 1J 1/48???
  13. I like the Astroboy.. except the eyebeams. That didn't translate into toy form very well. They look like urine popsicles attached to his eyes.
  14. Man...I 've been holding out for a VF-1A mass production movie version. Hoping it's after the 1D.
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