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  1. Seeing the green, blue and black skull& crossbones makes me feel like we ain't gonna see any tv variants for a looooong time. If that's the case give us a vf-1a brown CF movie version....
  2. I can't tell, is there ankle pivot on Rick?
  3. I'm definitely looking forward to Roy. Can't wait for the reviews to start coming out for Rick.
  4. Thanks Dobber! Alot of newsfeeds are now reporting the same thing. I'm indifferent to Marvel phase 4 & don't have any nostalgia for old Disney movies/tv the Mandalorian & Obi-Wan are all I'm interested in.
  5. Yikes. Looks like Disney+ wants to lock you in for 3 years subscription. Don't love the Mandalorian that much. There goes My binge watching plan. Perhaps I could just buy season 1 from Google Play after the fact. ... although I'm gonna miss that "happy Disney staff" documentary & coffee table book.
  6. Thanks for the review jenius!! ... and now enduring Rick anticipation.
  7. Ha! Thanks mechaninac. @TangledThorns Good plan. I'm considering , subscribe to binge watch a series then unsubscribe immediately after to save money. With the "streaming wars" something's gotta give. Lol
  8. I've never owned a Legioss so can't compare what I'm looking at, but that ankle pivot in gerwalk broke me... Now I gotta buy one. Looking good!!
  9. One episode a week. To prevent anyone from binge watching it in a day then cancelling subscription.... What about avoiding spoilers for 10 weeks, binge watching it in a day then cancelling subscription? Hope there's a 1 free month trial.
  10. Hey thanks no3Ljm!! I've seen that YouTube review but didn't mention issue count. My Amazon app listing must've been a Typo. Good to see the correct Amazon product description from the link U provided!! Can't wait to have that noir badboy in my hands. The black and white really compliments Jim Lee art. The mafex figure looks great too. Looking forward to the digital release.
  11. Yeah that animation doesn't look anything like Jim Lee's art. I've never read Hush but wanna get into it before I watch this release. I wanna buy the noir hardcover edition..but Amazon's product description says it's Vol. 1 and Wikipedia is quite vague?? So my question is: Has anyone got the Hush noir hardcover , does it have the complete 12 issue story?
  12. I guess Peter's a fan of hanging out in bars unmasked? That's twice Peter has distracted teens on a bus while maintaining his secret I.D. Who the hell cares about mountain goats when everyone's addicted to their phones?
  13. Diggin' those figs!! Been waiting for the Roy!!! LOVE the Dana, gimme a Zoe Prime. New Gen too.
  14. Although I didn't follow Eddie Brock/others. I did love Venom 2099!! That Venom seemed so brutal at the time....Omg do Sony own Spiderman 2099 solo film rights?... Please NO.
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