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Noburo Ishiguro at Otakon 2011

Last year, Noburo Ishiguro attended Otakon 2011, so I decided to report on some of his activities at the convention.  One of the events that he was participating in was a Q & A session, so Mechamaniac and I decided to solicit Macross World members  for questions to ask him.  We only got one question, and that was from Xard.  As it would turn out, there was only enough time to ask Ishiguro one question, so it worked out perfectly.  Xard wanted to know if Ishiguro stood back and let Shoji Kawamori have full reign over Macross: Do You Remember Love?, or if the movie was a collaborative effort between the two.   A good question since both men are credited as the directors of the movie, but fans don’t know who exactly did what.

Also included in my report is the complete transcript of Ishiguro’s speech and Q & A session, as well as my account of his autograph session, and the items that he donated to Otakon’s charity auction for the 2011 Japan Relief.  One of which was a Macross watercolor sketch by Haruhiko Mikimoto.  I do not believe that this particular watercolor sketch has ever been published in any art book or magazine.

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Behind the scenes on the Frontier Pachinko 3D Animation

Tochiro posted this link to an article that describes the work that goes into making those animations for the Macross Frontier Pachinko game.

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SDF: Macross to be released in Bluray in Japan

TMBounty_Hunter posted to a link  that describes the release of the original 36 episodes of SDF:Macross on bluray.

Check out this sexy Tenjin Box art!

SDFM bluray box

This box set will come out in two different versions, standard and complete edition (limited).

The complete edition will come with these special features:

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Sheryl Nome Jewelry

Posted by MacrossCN HERE

「Sheryl Nome×THE KISS」

Sheryl Nome, Jewelry Designer Debut!!!!/THE_KISS_PR”

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iPhone covers for Mylene Night #2

Posted by Tochiro HERE

Special Edition Iphone covers are going to be sold at next weeks Mylene Night #2


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Possible Yamato Ghost and Lancer II Kits?

I first read about it HERE ON MECH9 but I wanted to wait for another source.
A couple of days later MW member sketchley posted about it in the Movie and TV scoop thread here. he also provided the scan. It’s still not confirmed officially. Stay tune for more details on these possible “30th Anniversary” kits.

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Macross Chronicle Reprint

MW member MacrossCN posted HERE that serialized reference publication will be reprinted with 30 additional issues. It’s still unknown whether or not this is a straight reprint of the first 50 issues or if there will be additional material contained.

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CAD Designs for the Yamato 1/60 VF-4G

Scooped by MW member Charger69:

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Hasegawa YF-19 “Eggplane”

Just saw this posted by member CF18:


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Wonderfest SD Macross from Metalbox

Possible Wonderfest exclusives… will update once more information is acquired.

Source: Timeless Dimension Blog via CollectionDX