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Banpresto Diva Collection 2

Banpresto announced the follow up to their “Macross Diva Collection” to be released o the third week of March 2013. The first of the Series was released earlier in September. A set that included Minmay, Ranka and Sheryl. The follow up set will include the two frontier divas accompanied by their Macross 7 rocker counterpart Mylene!

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Hasegawa rereleases their 1/72 VF-11 B thunderbolt, now with Fast Packs

Sorry about the lack of toy and models updates… aside from the VF-4G, The 19F and P from Yamato and the find it or suck it Bandai exclusives, there’s hasn’t been much on the toy front. Hasegawa did announce a reissue of their Macross Plus 1/72 Thunderbolt model kits, this time with Fastpacks. So if you missed it the first time, you get a bonus.

Bandai has been hinting on an another Macross 30th Anniversary announcement at the next Hobby show. If it’s a model then it’s most likely at the All Japan Mokei Show at Mukahari, Chiba on October 13 and 14. If it’s a toy then maybe the announcement will be at the show at their Tamashi Nations Collectors Department on Oct 26-28. At that same show will be an exclusive recolor of the Figuarts Zero “Shine of The Valkyrie” Sheryl, also known as the Shining Blue Sheryl. It will be available for 4500円.


30th Anniversary Statues Toys

Bandai Figuarts ZERO “Black Rabbit” Sheryl is available for pre-order

As some of you may already know, the new Universal Bunny Sheryl AKA “Black Rabbit” figure from Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa was made available for preorder yesterday, July 2, 2012. The figure stands at approx. 17cm tall. The figure is scheduled for release later this October.


30th Anniversary Figure Art Zero and DX Chogokin YF-29

No exact details yet, but Figure Arts Zero will produce a Shery Nome (Black Bunny Ver) figure. And as special item for the 30th anniversary of Macross a VF-1s color version of the DX Chogokin YF-29 will be released. More details next month!

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L.A. Weekly article about May’n/L.A. Concert tonight!

It’s always nice to see Macross related news in the mainstream media! Well, mainstream to us Angelenos!

Click on the pic below to view article. There’s even a link to the old 2010 article about the MWCon that year.

Sitting here listening to Universal Bunny, waiting for tonight’s concert… how good is life?

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See you tonight and Don’t be late!

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Interview Questions for May’n for AFA 2011

[We’re eighteen days away from May’n’s Key Club appearance, I myself cannot wait. I thought it’d be a good time to continue the hype. Everyone planning on going should get their tickets soon and make sure that we show our Macross singers some love for the rare times they actually come to the U.S.

Some time last year Vanpang collected some questions from MW members to ask during his interview with May’n. Together with other MW members (James Wong, Ikhii, Rei) he was lucky enough to have a sitdown with the Galactic Fairy herself]

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MacrossWorld Contest: May’n Concert Tickets

EDIT: The announcement of the winners have been moved up to May 25th.

I have 4 pairs of tickets to give away. 2 pairs for each of the 2 venues that is currently scheduled in the US leg of May’n’s World Tour (Rock Your Beats). One is at the Key Club in Los Angeles and the other is at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.

Click at the banner to the right or in the forums for more info on the tour and anything related to May’n in the USA.


1. You must be in California to enter.

2. To enter for the bay area show, you must live in Northern California (above the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

3. To enter for the Los Angeles area show, you must live in Southern California (below the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

4. To ensure that a current active member wins a ticket for each of the venue, you must be already signed up before this post and you must have above 100 posts by the date of the drawing.

5. Any registered member is eligible for the other pair of tickets (for each venue), so you can register one hour before the drawing and you are eligible. Anyone caught making duplicate accounts just to enter will be automatically banned. (Duplicate accounts are not allowed per TOU.)

6. Winners will be announced on May 25, 8pm PST.

7. Winners must provide Name, Email address, and Street Address thru PM within 48 hours of drawing, so make sure you check this thread on or soon after the 25th of May. Alternate names will be drawn just in case the winners fail to contact me within the time allotment. Name and email will be forwarded to May’n’s concert promoters and by entering the contest, the winners agree on these terms.

8. Tickets are non-transferable. These are WILL-CALL tickets and you will be asked for ID at the show.

To enter just post your mailing zip code  on this thread.

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Macross Frontier PSP cases

Pics of new cases for the PSP. These will retail at 2,919円 which is currently about $35USD.  More info here.

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MW News updates

Let’s catch up on some items now that I have some time to post them.

May’N has added US dates for her world tour. It looks like L.A. and San Francisco are the lucky cities so far. Discuss Here.

Yamato Toys posted pics of their VF-1D re-release with the option parts in color. Discuss Here.

The Miss Macross 30 Contest will have 2 categories. One for singing and one for acting.  Discuss Here.

Tenjin’s  Box art for the Bluray “Hybrid Pack” is revealed. AND IT’S GORGEOUS!!! Discuss Here.

Screenshots for the video game called “My Boyfriend is a Pilot” for the PS3 have been posted. This game will be bundled with the DYRL limited edition Hybrid Pack .  Discuss Here.

Namco Bandai/DeNA Venture to Release Macross Social Game named Macross SP Cross Deculture. Discuss Here.

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FigureArts Zero MacrossF statues due April

These figures are old news but I’m not so hip on the statue front. According to these new posts on, these figures should come out in 2 months.