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Mari Iijima, Singer-Songwriter & Voice of Minmay to perform at MacrossWorld 2015

We are proud to announce the return of Mari Iijima to MWCon as a Guest Of Honor! Mari Iijima is a long-time recording artist, singer & songwriter based in Los Angeles, who played the role of Lynn Minmay for “Macross” since 1982. Visit Mari at Let’s all welcome her back for MacrossWorld Convention 2015, coming October 17th! Tickets:


30th Anniversary Movies and TV Series

Macross Frontier BD Extras Revealed


The official website for the upcoming Macross Frontier movie bluray boxset has been updated with information and samples of some of the included extras.

The update includes lists of much of the included video content (interestingly, any video’s reused from the PSP game limited packs have been remastered in HD!), sample pages from the setting documents (200p) and illustration (100p) books, and (finally) details regarding the PS3 ‘PlayView’ feature.

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Superdimensional Duet Collection – Nyan Kora! (Nyan Collaboration)


Due to be released on March 26 at a recommended retail price of 2000yen (plus tax) this 30th anniversary duet album will feature 5 all new collaborations, as well as the duets previously featured on the Nyan Dora drama albums. Among other highlights, the album will also include the first ever recorded version of the Mao Nome/Sheryl Nome version of Aimo that was first performed at the Macross Live 30 concert in 2013!
Track List
1. REMEMBER 16 <Macross 7>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
Basara x Ranka
2. Koi no Banana Moon <Macross 2>
Luca x Nanase
3. Runner(big Klan ver.) <Macross TV>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
4. Uchuu Fuufu-kan <Macross F>
Capt. Wilder x Monika
5. 0-G Love <Macross TV>
Grace x Leon
6. Totsugeki Love Heart<Macross 7>
Ozuma x Cathy
7. Shao Pai Lon <Macross TV>
Alto x Brera
8. Aimo <Macross F>
Mao x Sheryl
【Bonus Tracks】
9. Lion <Macross F>
Big Klan x Klan Klan
10. Friends~Jikuu wo koete~ (15th Anniversary single)
Minmei x Mylene

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Macross Frontier Movie Boxset Announced – with English Subtitles!




Bandai Namco Games has announced a 3-disc boxset of the Macross Frontier movies, complete with English subtitles. (UPDATE: CD Japan BD preorder link:

The ’30th Shooting Star’  box set will include 3 discs:

Disc 1: The False Songstress (includes a previously theatrical screening-only opening segment)

Disc 2: The Wings of Farewell (includes new ending concert CG animation – previously seen at Crossover Live 30)

Disc 3: Project F – Ultimate Hybrid Disc (includes ‘Play View’ and 120mins of extras/documentaries).

100page A4 setting document book

100page A4 illustration book


The specs of the set clearly show that Discs 1 & 2 will contain English subtitles – a first for any official new Macross animation in 18 years!

UPDATE: Additional details also available at Anime News Network.


Release date: May 15, 2014 (limited 10-month release)

Price (DVD): 14,800yen

Price (BD):  16.800yen


Also announced were two new games:

Macross Card Fighter – a social game. Platform tba.


Macross Sound Scramble – a ‘sound action’ game for smartphones. Details TBD.


30th Anniversary Models

Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1J Anniversario

Hasegawa has release images of their 1/48 VF-1J Anniversario valkyrie. They previously released the 1/72 version but this release will coincide with their 1/48 VF with Strike Packs as reported here.



Hasegawa Page

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30th Anniversary Events



MACROSS THE MUSEUM opened today at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Hyogo Prefecture.

Over the past couple of days photos have started to leak out from various people involved with the project. The following gallery comes from a variety of sources, including artist Hidetaka Tenjin, and Mai Enoki.


Keep an eye out both here and on the forums as we will be updating as new pictures emerge and users start posting their accounts of the event.


Date: June 28 ~ October 28 (closed on Wednesdays)

Location: Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, Hyogo Prefecture.

Cost: 1300 yen (special ticket with art card), 700 yen (adults), 400 yen (middle-school students), 100 yen (elementary students).

30th Anniversary Collectors Movies and TV Series

Macross Plus arrives on Blu-ray!


So, technically the official release date of Macross Plus on BD is not until tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the goodies on their way to you original roughnecks of Dalmatian High School who pre-ordered.


30th Anniversary Events

Princess Knight x Macross Frontier Crossover


Two pieces of new art have been announced that will be used on merchandise at the upcoming Macross the MUSEUM.

The first of these is the previously previewed cockpit illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin.

It will be available as a wallscroll (8190 yen), B2 poster (525 yen) and artcard (630 yen).


30th Anniversary Collectors Music

Arcadia’s 1:1 scale Nekki Basara “Fire Bomber” Model Guitar Official Page

Arcadia’s newest Macross product page recently went live and it’s for the 1:1 scale replica of Basara’s iconic guitar from Macross 7. Previously seen as a potential Yamato Toys release, we’ve been getting images of this guitar in trade shows and at the Yamato open houses for quite a while now. We’ve even had reports of Yoshiki Fukuyama handling the guitar in one gig.


nekki basara guitar arcadia


Tentatively priced at 350,000円, this fully functional collector’s piece is obviously aimed at the biggest and most well to do Fire Bomber fan. According to the page, Mr. Fukuyama himself had input as far as the guitar’s body design. The guitar will be hand made and made to order. It also warns that each piece will take several months in production. Each run will be done in quantities, the first run will be limited to ten. A case, 4 picks and guitar strap will be included, with each item emblazoned with the Fire Bomber logo.

30th Anniversary Models

Hasegawa 1/72 scale 30th Anniversary VF-1A Box Art by Tenjin

Thanks to Vi-RS for posting the box art for the Hasegawa 1/72 scale 30th Anniversary VF-1A, scheme designed by Tenjin.



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