Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie Max & Miria w/Reaction Missiles

Hasegawa’s other release announcement is the 1/48 scale version of the Max and Milia VF-1J Valkyries. Sold complete with Super Packs, these kits’ new features are the RMS-1 reaction missiles. These can either be built as Max, Milia or any 1J custom and are scheduled for release in June of this year.



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Hasegawa 1:72 VF-25F/S Messiah Released

A year ago we posted that Hasegawa was going to release a kit of the VF-25 from Macross Frontier even though it was thought that Bandai had a death grip on the license. This week, the 1/72 scale model was finally released in Japan. Hopefully, the very talented roster of master model builders from our forums will start posting their build ups soon. Meanwhile here’s the box art and some more images after the jump!


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Hasegawa Announces 1/48 VF-1 Strike Valkyrie Kit

After more than 3 years after the release of their first 1/48 VF-1 Valkyrie, Hasegawa finally announces their new kits that will include a strike pack. Model kit building Macross fans will be happy to finally give the classic VF-1 fighter some 0-G lovin’ sometime later this year. According to HLJ, they’ll be releasing the VF-1A/S kit.


Can’t wait to see the prototype…

Along side the Strke valkyrie, they’ll also be releasing the 30th Anniversario valkyrie designed by Tenjin in 1/48 (sans strike/super packs.)

Thanks to valkyriepm for posting.


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HLJ’s VF-1A/S page

HLJ’s VF-1J Anniversario page

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Hasegawa reveals box art for their 1:72 VF-25F/S

Sorry I haven’t been able to update the toy and model news… long trips plus MWCon… less time. But here’s the new box art for the 1:72 VF-25F/S from Hasegawa as panted by Hidetaka Tenjin, of course! Goegeous as always. I can’t wait to see the build ups of these babies from our forum model masters!

bn_24‘Tis  beautiful, no?

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Special Limited Edition Egg Valkyries from Hasegawa


Hasegawa is happy to present two limited edition Egg Plane Valkyries from the serialization, Macross The Ride. These are the same kits that were release previously with special decals included inspired by the custom Valkyries in the Dengeki Hobby featured story. Both are Japan only availability for 1575円 each.



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