30th Anniversary Models

Special Limited Edition Egg Valkyries from Hasegawa


Hasegawa is happy to present two limited edition Egg Plane Valkyries from the serialization, Macross The Ride. These are the same kits that were release previously with special decals included inspired by the custom Valkyries in the Dengeki Hobby featured story. Both are Japan only availability for 1575円 each.




VF-11B Nothung 2 from `Macross The Ride`

Scarlett VF-11B

The second model to be released by Hasegawa from Dengeki Hobby’s Macross The Ride Serialization is Chelsea Scarlett’s VF-11B “Nothung 2”, (the first being the “Rose GuryuneSilt’s  Thunder Focus”.) Hidetaka Tenjin will once again provide the box art.

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Macross The Ride

In November 2011, Dengeki Hobby Magazine announced that they will be doing a light serialization based on customized variations of different Macross mechs. Hasegawa will also produce model kits based on these customs that will be designed by Tenjin Hidetaka under the supervision of Shoji Kawamori himself. New characters will also be created for this new storyline.