Dinner with Tenjin

MWcon is hosting a special dinner with Tenjin as a special guest. This is a fundraising dinner and the cost is $150 per person.  The dinner will be on October 4th, the night before the Convention at around 7pm in Redondo Beach. Space is very limited so if you want to be a part of this very intimate event, please email


Tenjin Hidetaka Dinner

Time: October 4, 2013 7pm-10pm

Cost: $150

Includes: Dinner, 1 non-alcoholic beverage, (1) personalized autograph from Tenjin, Photo opportunity

# Seats: Limited to 10 people only

About:  10 select guests will have the opportunity to dine with Tenjin and interact with him in a small group setting. Guests can chat, ask questions, and enjoy the company of one of the best Macross artists ever! Guests can bring (1) item for a special autograph signing by Tenjin along with a photo opportunity.



Hasegawa reveals box art for their 1:72 VF-25F/S

Sorry I haven’t been able to update the toy and model news… long trips plus MWCon… less time. But here’s the new box art for the 1:72 VF-25F/S from Hasegawa as panted by Hidetaka Tenjin, of course! Goegeous as always. I can’t wait to see the build ups of these babies from our forum model masters!

bn_24‘Tis  beautiful, no?

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Hidetaka Tenjin Sketch to be Raffled @ MWCon 2013

Our special guest, Hidetaka Tenjin has graciously donated this wonderful autographed sketch of Roy Focker’s Strike Valkyrie. This original piece of art will be raffled at the 2013 Macross World Convention. Stay tune here for more info on the raffle.

Tenjin sketch


As per request from the artist himself, only attendees of the Convention will have a chance to win this item. He wants to be able to hand it and take a photograph with the lucky winner.

Domo Arigato Tenjin-san!

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30th Anniversary Collectors Events

Tenjin’s Hand Drawn Blue Pencil Sketch Sold for Reported $4k at Otakon Charity Auction

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MW News updates

Let’s catch up on some items now that I have some time to post them.

May’N has added US dates for her world tour. It looks like L.A. and San Francisco are the lucky cities so far. Discuss Here.

Yamato Toys posted pics of their VF-1D re-release with the option parts in color. Discuss Here.

The Miss Macross 30 Contest will have 2 categories. One for singing and one for acting.  Discuss Here.

Tenjin’s  Box art for the Bluray “Hybrid Pack” is revealed. AND IT’S GORGEOUS!!! Discuss Here.

Screenshots for the video game called “My Boyfriend is a Pilot” for the PS3 have been posted. This game will be bundled with the DYRL limited edition Hybrid Pack .  Discuss Here.

Namco Bandai/DeNA Venture to Release Macross Social Game named Macross SP Cross Deculture. Discuss Here.

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Macross News and Site Info Models

Hasegawa YF-19 “Eggplane”

Just saw this posted by member CF18:


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Macross The Ride

In November 2011, Dengeki Hobby Magazine announced that they will be doing a light serialization based on customized variations of different Macross mechs. Hasegawa will also produce model kits based on these customs that will be designed by Tenjin Hidetaka under the supervision of Shoji Kawamori himself. New characters will also be created for this new storyline.

Movies and TV Series

Valkyries – Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross

Moving back once again to spotlight one of Macross’s finest treasures, we take a look at the first Valkyrie book by Macross artist Tenjin Hidetaka.

Released in April 2005, this collection highlights a lot of the box cover art from Hasegawa’s line of Valkyrie model kits and various Macross video games and DVD covers. He also did extensive work behind the scenes on Macross Zero and Macross Frontier (the latter is yet to be seen as this book was published before it’s release.)

Here are a few of his paintings after the break


Hasegawa Lynn Minmay 2009 Special

Lynn Minmay Special Tenjin Mikimoto

2009 is a big year for everyone former of South Ataria Island, in particular Lynn Minmay. Not only did she get swept up into space and get hauled into a city built inside a space craft, but she also won the first ever Miss Macross Contest. In celebration of her win that very year, Hasegawa released this custom paint scheme for their 1/72 VF-1A model kit. Illustrated my Haruhiko Mikimoto and comes in a box with art by tenjin Hidetaka, this limited edition model kit was released in Japan September 2009.

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