Fan Works

Dan Bickell’s CG VF-1

As a rule of thumb we’re not supposed to post any fan projects on the main site until is 100% done and is presented pretty well. But looking at these pictures our resident CG artist Dan Bickell posted, I feel like these are completed works of art. I’m almost tempted to print some of these on canvas and hang it on my wall. If anything they are officially the current wallpaper to my PC and cellphone! Thanks Dan!


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Behind the scenes on the Frontier Pachinko 3D Animation

Tochiro posted this link to an article that describes the work that goes into making those animations for the Macross Frontier Pachinko game.

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Valkyries – Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross

Moving back once again to spotlight one of Macross’s finest treasures, we take a look at the first Valkyrie book by Macross artist Tenjin Hidetaka.

Released in April 2005, this collection highlights a lot of the box cover art from Hasegawa’s line of Valkyrie model kits and various Macross video games and DVD covers. He also did extensive work behind the scenes on Macross Zero and Macross Frontier (the latter is yet to be seen as this book was published before it’s release.)

Here are a few of his paintings after the break

Fan Works

Awesome animated VF-11 by MW member neoexcaliber

Here’s a nice little treat. A CG animation of a VF-11…

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Update: New video after break!