Hidetaka Tenjin Sketch to be Raffled @ MWCon 2013

Our special guest, Hidetaka Tenjin has graciously donated this wonderful autographed sketch of Roy Focker’s Strike Valkyrie. This original piece of art will be raffled at the 2013 Macross World Convention. Stay tune here for more info on the raffle.

Tenjin sketch


As per request from the artist himself, only attendees of the Convention will have a chance to win this item. He wants to be able to hand it and take a photograph with the lucky winner.

Domo Arigato Tenjin-san!

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Valkyries – Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross

Moving back once again to spotlight one of Macross’s finest treasures, we take a look at the first Valkyrie book by Macross artist Tenjin Hidetaka.

Released in April 2005, this collection highlights a lot of the box cover art from Hasegawa’s line of Valkyrie model kits and various Macross video games and DVD covers. He also did extensive work behind the scenes on Macross Zero¬†and Macross Frontier (the latter is yet to be seen as this book was published before it’s release.)

Here are a few of his paintings after the break