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MacrossWorld Convention Returns to Torrance on October 15th, 2016


Guest of Honor: Mari Iijima

MacrossWorld Convention returns to Torrance, California with Guest of Honor Mari Iijima! We’re thrilled to welcome back Ms. Iijima, voice of Lynn Minmay in the original Macross TV series and film, to this year’s event on Saturday, October 15th. 

Mari Iijima will perform live in a special concert event for MacrossWorld attendees, and appear at a signing immediately following her performance.

Guest of Honor: Run Sasaki

Known for her roles including Vanessa in the original “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” TV series, “Mimsy” in “Super Dimension Century Orguss”, and Alfin in “Crusher Joe”, Run Sasaki will join this year’s convention for a panel and meet & greet. We’re excited to welcome back Ms. Sasaki, who will share stories of her work during the exciting era of 80s mecha anime.

Special Guests: The Cast & Crew of the U.S. Renditions Macross II Dub

Join MWCon 2016 for our panel reuniting the cast and crew of the pioneering English dub of “Macross II”. David Keith Riddick, Robert Napton and engineer Les Claypool of U.S. Renditions will be joined by voice actors Tom Fahn, John Fahn, Victor Garcia and Debra Rogers, as they look back at the influential company and their work in presenting “Macross II” to the American market in the 1990s.

Other scheduled activities and attractions include the “Macross Idol” cosplay and performance contest, a cosplay gathering, a toy and model customizing competition, dealer’s room and anime-themed food truck Okamoto Kitchen.

MacrossWorld Convention is THE Super Dimensional event for fans of all of the generations of Macross from 1982 to today, and other mecha, music and idol anime.

Register Now:

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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Photo Gallery

Fresh from the show floor today – from Delta promotions to VF-2SS, there was a lot of Macross on display at Wonder Festival 2016 Winter!

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Final batch of Macross Movies Blu-ray discs are OUT!


Today sees the release of the remaining three Macross movies in their sleeker, stand-alone, new editions: Macross: Do You Remember Love, Macross Plus: Movie Edition, and Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me.  Following on from the release of the two Macross Frontier movies, The False Diva and The Wings of Farewell, these last three releases also boast brand-new art by staff members, namely Koji Morimoto (Plus), Haruhiko Mikimoto (DYRL and 7) and Hidetaka Tenjin (er, all the things), as well as newly recorded audio commentaries, featuring Mika Doi (Misa Hayase), Akira Kamiya (Roy Focker), Yasunori Honda (DYRL sound producer), Shoji Kawamori, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Takumi Yamazaki (Isamu Dyson), Unshou Ishizuka (Guld Bowman), Ichiro Itano, Keiko Nobumoto (Plus screenwriter), Michiko Nemoto (Emilia Jenius), Tetsuro Amino (M7 director) and many MORE.

But of course, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind is whether or not the censorship that plagued the original release of DYRL on BD is still there or not.  I can happily report that it has been removed and so the movie is just the way you remember it.  DO YOU REMEMBER GORE?

Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to own these classics, looking better than ever.  Though in the case of the Frontier movies, I would say the Shudista boxset is still better value, since it’s jam-packed with bonus content, and you get a bunch of books as well as English subtitles, which the new releases sadly lack.

WIN_20160129_143402 WIN_20160129_143456

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Sheryl & Ranka Dolfie Dream Review – by JasonC


Just over one year ago, Volks, a company that produces high end ball-jointed dolls, opened up pre-orders for a limited, and quite pricey, Dolfie Deam set of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee dolls with outfits from the feature film Sayonara no Tsubasa. After longer than a year’s wait, I was finally fortunate enough to receive both of these works of art.


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Kazutaka Miyatake Interview from Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Orguss


Hot on the heels of the recent translation of the Kazutaka Miyatake interview from the SDF-1 book, comes yet another Miyatake heart-to-heart, this time the big man is talking about his work on Super Dimension Century Orguss, or as I like to call it, “Kei Katsuragi’s Adventures in Wonderland”.  I hope you find it as fascinating as I did, giving an insight into the state of mind he must have been in during that entire 1982-84 period.

This interview is from a booklet that was included with the first edition of the Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Orguss toy from earlier in the year.  I chose to tackle it at this time since it would be perfect to brush up on our Orguss trivia as this year’s Macross World Convention will have a dedicated ORGUSS panel for all your Space-Time Oscillation needs!

The translation starts after the jump.  Enjoy!


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“Why are Arcadia Products so Expensive?” by Mr. K


We’ve all thought about it, some of us more vocally than others, and on Thursday last week, the mysterious Mr. K from Arcadia — previously Yamato — took some time to publish a long blog post on the topic of why Arcadia’s products are so highly priced.

The really high quality transforming Macross toys have never been cheap. No, not even the Takatoku 1/55. But Arcadia’s recent offerings have finally broken the 30,000 yen barrier. Some of us in the forums felt that Arcadia had gone insane. Well, this here is a unique opportunity to peek at what actually goes into producing a Valkyrie toy and give a bit more context to the figures.

Original article:

Feel free to discuss this in the MW forums!


Why are Arcadia toys so expensive? By Mr. K (Translated by Renato)

Why are Arcadia toys so expensive?

Our Macross items are currently on a Macross Zero boom (according to myself).
We’re putting out several UN Spacy birds in turn, but I (personally) want to do Anti-UN ones as well.

However, there is a growing difference between the way things are today and years ago, so the truth is that we cannot do things like in the old days.

“How can we make these products a reality…?” I’m constantly struggling with that thought.

Of course, the same goes for other projects, too, but it is a constant, everyday struggle.

Hello. My name is Mr. K, the struggling project developer of this company.

For years now the Chinese factories have been raising their fees and we have seen that influence the price of our products.

This is not just a hit on our company, but also on the manufacturing industry as a whole. So yeah, of course it’s a struggle!!

So I thought I would take some time to think about the reason for that struggle, which is the issue of high price point products, and how that relates to profit margins.

That said, it’s not like I can actually talk about the profit bottom line or anything, so let’s just think about it in the following way…

I will call it: “Why do people say our products are expensive…?” (And yes, as I write this my heart can’t help but feel heavy).

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Macross the First Vol.6 – OUT NOW!


Macross THE FIRST Vol. 6 goes on sale today in Japan. With a recommended retail price starting at626yen, fans of published, physical material can grab a copy at online retailers such as Amazon Japan or Yes Asia.

To coincide with the release, ComicWalker has also updated its service with the very latest chapter of Macross THE FIRST. The chapter is free, however please note that you will need to set your device’s OS to Japanese in order to view it.



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Wonder Festival 2015 Winter Photo Gallery


Wonder Festival 2015 Winter was held yesterday (Feb. 8) at Makuhari Messe, and a couple of members of SpeakerPODcast were on hand to take pics and gather all the latest gossip and info.

Of course, the big news for Macross fans was the announcement of the VF-0A and VF-0S, both tentatively scheduled to be released at some point by the end of 2015.

The VF-0A and VF-0S are not reissues of the older Yamato versions but have been redesigned from scratch. More specifically, a lot of the engineering work that was put into the VF-0D was able to be applied to the 0A and 0S meaning that hopefully some of the QA issues that hampered Yamato’s earlier attempts will not be an issue this time around.

Pricing has yet to be announced although word on the show floor was that fans should expect a price range similar to that of the VF-0D, give or take a little.

The following photo gallery comes courtesy of Save and includes both the VF-0A, 0S, and 0D, garage kits, model kits and even a little bit of Orguss. Because Renato just wouldn’t forgive us if we left it out.

We also ran into original SDF-1 designer Kazutaka Miyatake at the show and had a little chat. But that’s a story for a future episode of SpeakerPODcast.

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Shibuyack Deculture – Macross Apparel


With the opening of Shibuyack Deculture, featuring MACROSS THE MUSEUM, less than a week away, a second round of exclusive merchandise has just been announced, most of it Macross apparel. An extra corner has also been added to the event, featuring illustrations by guest artists, previously displayed at MACROSS THE DESIGN.

Want to look fashionable during the remainder of this winter? Shibuyack Deculture has you covered!

Baseball caps (Frontier/Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 4200 yen (+ tax)
Hoodies (Yack Deculture ver.): 6000 yen (+ tax)
5 6
Hoodies (Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 6500 yen (+ tax)
7 8 9 10
Shirts: 7800 yen (+ tax)
Tote Bags: 1800 yen (+ tax)
13 12
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Bracelet: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Necklace: 6000 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Pinkie Ring: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Earring Stand w/w.o case: 6500/9800 (+ tax)
Mugs: 1500 yen (+ tax)

Other items available will include phone straps, towels, and other assorted merchandise.

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New Fire Bomber Fashion Goods


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Macross 7, Premium Bandai’s Bandai Fashion Net will be releasing a series of Fire Bomber-themed fashion goods.

Preorders open on Friday, December 5, so don’t miss this chance to stylishly rock your Fire Bomber fandom in public.

Leather Jacket: 56,000 yen


Leather Bracelet: 5000 yen



Leather Long Wallet: 23,000 yen



Wallet Chain: 7000 yen