Macross Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit


As part of the birthday celebrations for Sheryl Nome this weekend, a ‘Macross x Tamashii Nations Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit’ was held on the 10th floor of the new Radio Kaikan in Akihabara from Saturday November 22 to Sunday November 23.

This was only one of several birthday events for Sheryl that occurred over the weekend, which I will be posting pics from later. In the meantime though, the following are some pics of the items, classic and new, and cool cool plastic that was on display at the exhibit, courtesy of forum regular and SpeakerPODcast co-host SAVE.

FireBomber Concert and Oshare Macross 7 Goods Announced

With a new Oshare Macross 7 store and a FireBomber concert both less than a month away, it was only a matter of time until details about new merchandise dropped, and dropped they have! Organisers of both events warn that this is only the first wave of merchandise with more set to come.


There will be some awesome Tshirts and hoodies up for grabs at the concert, not to mention official Basara glasses.

Tshirts: 3500yen
Tshirts: 3500yen
Sports Towel: 1500yen
Sports Towel: 1500yen
Hoodies: 6500yen
Hoodies: 6500yen
Glow stick: 2000yen
Glow stick: 2000yen
Basara sunglasses: 6000yen
Basara sunglasses: 6000yen
Chie Kajiura new mini album 'Suimin Heaven': 2000yen
Chie Kajiura new mini album ‘Suimin Heaven’: 2000yen

…as well as assorted Yoshiki Fukuyama and Chie Kajiura merchandise.

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YF-30 @ Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom

Starting last Thursday, a special display of Bandai Chogokin Macross Valkyries  opened at Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom. Included among the Valkyries on display was the YF-30, YF-25 Prophecy, and Ozuma colored YF-29. Of course, the SpeakerPODcast crew dropped by to check it out and get some footage!

The display will run until April 24, so anyone in the area be sure to check it out!


Another John Moscato Model Maker Interview !


“Macrosshare Radio” (more like a podcast) presents one more episode in an ongoing series of interviews with creative Macross fans !

In this 1 hour 3 minute episode, John Moscato also known as Captain America on the Macross World forum:

  • Shares his experiences about his latest completed modeling work on the 1/48 “Pinky Space Crab” resin model kit
  • Answers some questions from his “fans”
  • Reveals his thoughts on the modeling design process for the legendary 1/32 Legioss resin model kit
  • Discusses the pro’s and con’s on hobby modeling for the Wonderfest modeling conventions.

A production model diary .pdf file has been compiled to chronicle John’s recently completed and sold out 1/48 Inbit Gurab resin model kit.

1/32 Legioss production model diary is also available for reading, so  you can see which parts of the Legioss model John is talking about.

(download – right click & ‘save as’)

You can also listen to the previous three John Moscato interview episodes on the Mixlr Macrosshare Show Reel by clicking here.

DECULTURE! MWCon’s First Art Show

20131005_MWCon2013_1147 (Medium)

In our efforts to expand the experience at this year’s Macross World Convention, we decided to add on an art show that would allow well known artists in the pop culture circuit to interpret the Macross Universe in their own unique style. This show featured some amazingly talented artists, who include Heejin ParkMaria VitanCole LemkeMary J. HoffmanTou VueSho MuraseDanny Doublin, as well as a few familiar names, Jerome LuChito “KWESTONE” Arellano and Tracy Tubera.

Though many of the pieces sold at the show we do have a few left that is now available for those that couldn’t make it to the convention. Check out these artist’s pages and if you’re interested in any of the artwork, please email to make a purchase. Each piece does come framed and ready-to-hang. Please be aware that prices do not include shipping.


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Arcadia’s 1:1 scale Nekki Basara “Fire Bomber” Model Guitar Official Page

Arcadia’s newest Macross product page recently went live and it’s for the 1:1 scale replica of Basara’s iconic guitar from Macross 7. Previously seen as a potential Yamato Toys release, we’ve been getting images of this guitar in trade shows and at the Yamato open houses for quite a while now. We’ve even had reports of Yoshiki Fukuyama handling the guitar in one gig.


nekki basara guitar arcadia


Tentatively priced at 350,000円, this fully functional collector’s piece is obviously aimed at the biggest and most well to do Fire Bomber fan. According to the page, Mr. Fukuyama himself had input as far as the guitar’s body design. The guitar will be hand made and made to order. It also warns that each piece will take several months in production. Each run will be done in quantities, the first run will be limited to ten. A case, 4 picks and guitar strap will be included, with each item emblazoned with the Fire Bomber logo.

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DarrinG’s 1/60 TV Series Macross Diorama


Late last year MW member DarrinG contacted me and asked if I had any more of my 1:60 scale Super Happy Figures and specifically asked for the TV series characters. I thought I was out of them but rummaging through my extra resin box it turned out that I had almost a full set that were just sitting there waiting to be part of someone’s collection. I responded to his PM and told him that I had a few left and his response was pretty much “I’ll take them all as long as they’re TV version.” It made me wonder what the hell was brewing over there and why did it sound so urgent. It turned out that he commissioned a hangar and he was looking to fill it with Macross toys, vehicles and figures. It sounded like a really cool project and naturally, I was interested to see this project in its finished form.  Last week, he contacted me to tell me it was done and sent me some pictures. I asked him if I can put it up on our front page. I also sent him a list of questions regarding the project…