John Moscato's
1/32 Perfect Detail Legioss AFC-01H
Johns email address is :

I am proud to present the first of many progress reports on what is sure to be the definitive Legioss model when complete. John Moscato runs 'Renaissance Art Models', a custom model shop in Canada. His attention to detail is incredible-please visit his site and see his incredible Formula Cars. He could be thought of as the Canadian version of Tanmen(who did the 1/48 Ultimate Detail VF-1 Valkyrie).

ANYWAYS, he is a big Macross and Mospeada fan-and for a personal project he has decided to make a 1/32 scale perfect detail Legioss model! Not directly variable, but it can be built in any of the 3 modes. After internally debating whether to attack the VF-1 or the AFC-01, he leaned towards the Mospeada side first. With all the attention to the VF-1 (Hasegawa and Yamato), the Legioss has long been overlooked.

If you have any comments or questions about this model-please email John at

John's Homepage is here:

John is also a MW Attack Team member-check out some of his pictures here!

(click on the pics below to see reports)

April 20th, 2001
First Peek at the Head!
April 21st, 2001
Camera recharged!
May 26th, 2001
Taking shape!
August 14th, 2001
Back on track!

September 28th, 2001
Details inside!
November 25th, 2001
Getting Close!
February 23rd, 2002
Decals and sample box
April 14th, 2002