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DarrinG’s 1/60 TV Series Macross Diorama


Late last year MW member DarrinG contacted me and asked if I had any more of my 1:60 scale Super Happy Figures and specifically asked for the TV series characters. I thought I was out of them but rummaging through my extra resin box it turned out that I had almost a full set that were just sitting there waiting to be part of someone’s collection. I responded to his PM and told him that I had a few left and his response was pretty much “I’ll take them all as long as they’re TV version.” It made me wonder what the hell was brewing over there and why did it sound so urgent. It turned out that he commissioned a hangar and he was looking to fill it with Macross toys, vehicles and figures. It sounded like a really cool project and naturally, I was interested to see this project in its finished form.  Last week, he contacted me to tell me it was done and sent me some pictures. I asked him if I can put it up on our front page. I also sent him a list of questions regarding the project…

EXO: What made you decide that you wanted a hangar for your collection?

DarrinG: Browsing a thread in 2009, I stumbled across a custom built, 1/48th hanger project from MaveRick.  It blew me away.

The attention to detail, the way it showed off the valks.  It was stunning.  So when I saw a chance to commission my own years later I jumped at it.


EXO: Oh yeah! I remember that. It looked like a set for a Macross Movie. It was incredible. He was building this TV SDF-1 the size of a coffee table then he upped and disappeared. He hasn’t been on for a while. Hopefully everything is OK. Maybe he’ll see this and decide to sign on again.

What scale is the display?

DG: 1/60

EXO: Is your whole collection that scale?

DG: My Macross collection is all TV versions, and all 1/60 V2s.  I was just trying to find money to eat back in the day and missed the 1/48s and V1s.  Glad it worked out that way actually.

EXO: Do you collect anything other than Macross?


DG: My main others are Mospeada, Patlabor and Votoms.  But also some Bubblegum Crisis, Dangaioh, Dragonar, Galient, L-Gaim, and random misc 80s classics.

EXO: LOL, I hear that Mospeada is back!?!

DG: Oh I’m not touching that!   That saying is getting pretty famous now on MW.  Its being used to denote when something is NOT back, which is pretty funny.

EXO: Is the hangar meant for just Macross toys and accessories?

DG: Yes


EXO: So who did you commission for the hangar?

DG: Tundra Yeti – who did an awesome job.

EXO: Yeah, it looks incredible. Lots of talent on the boards.

What were your requirements for it?

DG: Not many requests on my part.  Tundra had a vision that included all the booms, lights and control deck.  He was the artist and I just let him create it.  I initially specified ‘warning yellow’ booms but after seeing them I felt it was too distracting having those large pieces so bright.  I wanted the mecha to be the thing that caught your eye the most.  He was understanding and changed them to dark gray.  Looking back and I think they would have looked great in yellow too.

EXO: Did you add anything? How did the build go?

DG: Anything like this takes time.  But the wait paid off.  I added the boom claws and did some weathering, seen best around the hanger doors.  I added the ‘glass’ in the boom truck cabin and on the front of the jeep.  I think it could use more roughing up, with some spills and tire marked across the deck and more accessories.  It looks a little too clean to be an active combat hanger.  But maybe it just got commissioned – like that brand new sparkly white GBP and Super 1A rolling out.  It I had my wish all the TV versions would have used the same light gray as DYRL for all the whites.

EXO:  Awesome… I noticed that you have painting skills of your own, why commission pieces to get painted by other people?

DG: 4 kids, nuff said.  But I’ve started to build up my Tamiya paint collection and do some things myself now.  My youngest is 3.5 so that’s giving me a little breathing room as far as time.  And I don’t have an airbrush and likely won’t take that step for a while.  So if it needs sprayed I’m sending it out.  I will be painting your deck crew myself when it arrives, so you’re off the hook for that at least.

EXO: Are you planning to add more things to it?

DG: Well, If some guy would hurry up and finish that 1/60 deck crew I would add those!  Ha – kidding.  This hanger display wouldn’t be nearly as cool without all your custom 1/60 figures making it come alive.  The Petite Cola machine and driver for the jeep were great touches.  Tundra also did the 1/60 boom truck, tug, gun pod lifter, fuel trailer and M-299 jeep.  Now I need at least two seated control tower guys for those chairs – get on that please…

EXO: Haha… The deck crew has been submitted to the recaster but real life stuff intervenes. But I’m glad people are displaying them. It’s neat to see a picture posted on the collection thread and see those little guys. It’s a real treat. Yamato had a set of 1:60 Fire Bomber… I wonder what happened to those pieces.

Where is the hangar displayed?

DG: NO WHERE YET – I have two display cases but this thing is too darn big at 32 inches wide.  So I have no dust free area yet to actually display this.  Soon, soon.

EXO: What’s the future of your collection? Where do you go from here?

DG: I’m down to only a few wants.  An Arcadia re-release of the M&M valks – with option parts would be a must.  A Phalanx kit if that ever actually happens (unlikely), and that’s about it.  Oh – a Studio Halfeye Dangaioh and 1/8 Volks Scopedog Turbo Custom kit when I get a spare $3,000 bucks.


EXO: Wishful thinking friend! I still need a Millia. I actually have the capsule for Max and Millia’s baby. I forget what episode that’s from…

DG: The baby pod episode is one I’m trying to forget.  It was one of the times when Millia’s ugly clone named Jaundice had to fill in for her.

EXO: How long have you been on MacrossWorld?

DG: May, 2008

EXO: Really? I don’t know why but I thought you’ve been on from the same time I started posting. That explains why you only collect the v.2 VF-1’s. Did you always collect or is MW a inhibitor?

DG: Just the IMAI and ARII kits way back in high school.  Then around 2008 I think, saw this awesome red mecha, a WAVE Galient Wham high complete toy.  My wife bought it for me and likely regretted that decision as I was quickly hooked.  It’s still my favorite collectable.


EXO: What’s the next project?

DG: Just finished a teal version Yamato 1/12 Scopedog pilot myself, turned out great.  I have a 1/60 Fan Racer kit and 1/24 Patlabor Command Car on the way from an airbrushing wizard, custom TV version Q-Rau and 1/60 Regult, Ultraman Zoffy is making some firing effects for a super top secret Macross 1/60 project, Bandai Chunky Monkey gun pod gun straps to go with the 1/60 V2s I’m already doing.  Lonely Soldier Boy might help me with some transforming mecha designs for a story I’m writing.  And Mike the Master Modeler is working on another secret 1/60 pet project for me.  I keep folks busy.


EXO: Sounds like it. I can’t wait to see all that stuff!

What do you think of collecting now and the future as far as what the artists can do with new tech?

DG: Sky is the limit.  If you can dream it up it can be realized.


EXO: Any advice to anyone that may want to add a hangar to their collection or to any collector in general?

DG: Be a doer and make things happen.  And try to come up with something you can make and sell so your hobby become self-funding.  If you’re not strapped yet, wait until you have kids.  The fun money has to come from somewhere.

EXO: Self funding? I must be going about  things the wrong way. I feel like the current can only fund the next one. Looks like I need to take lessons from you.

DG: Well, its not entirely self funding, but limiting what you collect and sticking to it is also helpful.  If I added Macross DYRL, Votoms Takara DMZs, or Patlabor CMs line for example, I would be deep underwater with no end in sight!