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MacrossWorld Convention Returns to Torrance on October 15th, 2016


Guest of Honor: Mari Iijima

MacrossWorld Convention returns to Torrance, California with Guest of Honor Mari Iijima! We’re thrilled to welcome back Ms. Iijima, voice of Lynn Minmay in the original Macross TV series and film, to this year’s event on Saturday, October 15th. 

Mari Iijima will perform live in a special concert event for MacrossWorld attendees, and appear at a signing immediately following her performance.

Guest of Honor: Run Sasaki

Known for her roles including Vanessa in the original “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” TV series, “Mimsy” in “Super Dimension Century Orguss”, and Alfin in “Crusher Joe”, Run Sasaki will join this year’s convention for a panel and meet & greet. We’re excited to welcome back Ms. Sasaki, who will share stories of her work during the exciting era of 80s mecha anime.

Special Guests: The Cast & Crew of the U.S. Renditions Macross II Dub

Join MWCon 2016 for our panel reuniting the cast and crew of the pioneering English dub of “Macross II”. David Keith Riddick, Robert Napton and engineer Les Claypool of U.S. Renditions will be joined by voice actors Tom Fahn, John Fahn, Victor Garcia and Debra Rogers, as they look back at the influential company and their work in presenting “Macross II” to the American market in the 1990s.

Other scheduled activities and attractions include the “Macross Idol” cosplay and performance contest, a cosplay gathering, a toy and model customizing competition, dealer’s room and anime-themed food truck Okamoto Kitchen.

MacrossWorld Convention is THE Super Dimensional event for fans of all of the generations of Macross from 1982 to today, and other mecha, music and idol anime.

Register Now:

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Macross Triangle Booth @ Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter)

As the largest hobby show in Japan, Wonder Festival is always a good source of Macross news, toys and kits – both official and fan-made.
With the broadcast of Delta just around the corner however, the next Wonder Festival (February 7) will have an official Macross ‘Triangle’ booth as well, complete with merchandise and events.

The booth will also be playing full versions of all three songs that were used in the Macross Delta preview episode: (i)Ikenai Borderline, (ii)Love! Halation THE WAR, (iii)Gilitick❤︎BEGINNER.
Of these, only Ikenai Borderline has yet to have been released commercially.

Macross Event Schedule @ WF2016(W)
10:00~10:30: Macross Delta ep.1 (0.89 preview ver.) Screening
11:00~11:30: Macross Delta ep.1 (0.89 preview ver.) Screening
11:30~12:30: HI-METAL R Regult hands-on session.
13:00~14:00: JOYSOUND Karaoke Contest (1)
-Ikenai Borderline @ Wonder Festival
14:30~15:30: MACROSS MODELLERS Mecha Dogfight
16:00~17:00: JOYSOUND Karaoke Contest (3)
-Kira & Ikenai Borderline☆Sing our song!

Merchandise (prices do not incl. tax)

TShirts: 3000 yen each

5 4 3


Posters: 800 yen each



Badges: 300 yen each. Allotted at random. 22 variations.



Macross Eye Wear (glasses frames) Sheryl & Ranka versions: 12000 yen each


Macross Delta Full Colour Tote Bags: 2500 yen



Macross Delta Microfiber Towels: 600 yen each.


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Mari Iijima: Golden Best (Victor Years)


Voice of eternal Macross favourite Lynn Minmay, Mari Iijima has announced via her Facebook page that Victor Entertainment Japan will be releasing her latest best-of album later this month.

The album will cover the early days of Mari’s career and include a total of 17 tracks, several of which are from Macross.

Release Date: May 27, 2015
Price: 2000yen (plus tax)

Purchase from Amazon Japan.
Purchase from CD Japan.
Purchase from Yes Asia

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May’n Takes 3 Month Hiatus Due To Vocal Polyps.

Singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome, May’n has put concerts for the next 3 months on hiatus due to polyps on her vocal chords.
The polyps were discovered a few years back by doctors. She has been performing while keeping an eye on the condition which recently worsened. May’n aims to take the next 3 months off to ease the stress on her vocal chords, which means her current acoustic tour will be cancelled. Her management says that Augusts scheduled 10th Anniversary concert at the Budokan ‘POWERS OF VOICE’ is currently still on track to go ahead as planned.
Original source
ANN article

Nyan Kara – Macross F Original Karaoke Album

Victor Entertainment has released a digital-exclusive Macross Frontier karaoke album.

Available on iTunes, Android & Amazon for approx. 1900 yen, Nyan Kara features 22 karaoke versions of popular Macross Frontier songs, including many that had not been released previously outside of karaoke booths.

There are no plans for a physical release at this stage, and the timing of the release seems just a little too close to the opening of applications for auditions in December for the new Macross TV series to be a coincidence.

Nyan Kara


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OST & Blu-ray Reissues.


Flying Dog and Bandai Visual have just announced some Macross Bluray and soundtrack reissues. So, if there’s a hole in your collection this may be your chance to stock up on more Macross! (Especially for the Macross Plus boxset which had previously sold out at many online retailers).


Blu-ray Reissues:
*Macross Plus Complete Blu-ray Box (w/some English subs/dub)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (1)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (2)

Soundtrack Reissues (2500yen each + tax):
*Macross 2 OST 1
*Macross 2 OST 2
*Macross Zero OST 1
*Macross Zero OST 2

Flying Dog also added the following to their ‘HD Music’ digital distribution service (96kHz/24bit WAV/FLAC)
*Macross F OST 1
*ULTRA FIRE! – Fire Bomber

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UPDATE! May’n adds Los Angeles to her Tour! July 17, 2014

Update! Tickets now available for May’n’s L.A show! VIP Meet and greet is extremely limited in supply… Get yours today!




May’n returns to Los Angeles for special show at Musicians Institute

J-Pop and anime singer May’n returns to L.A. for a special performance at the Musicians Institute ( in Hollywood, CA, on July 17, 2014. The popular Japanese singer is famous worldwide for her music for numerous films, television series, and anime programs. The concert event is the first American stop in her 10th Anniversary “dots and lines” World Tour which began in February this year.

Known for her work as Sheryl Nome (singing voice) in Macross Frontier and several anime themes such as Accel World, Aria The Scarlet Ammo, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, Blood Lad, and Shangri-La, May’n last visited Hollywood in 2012 for her “ROCK YOUR BEATS” World Tour. Her latest album NEW WORLD was released in January in three separate editions, including music videos and a live concert recording.

Read more about it at

Thanks to Greg @ Tune In Tokyo for the lead

Discussion thread

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Mylene Night #04 Report: The Politics of Music

© Chie Kajiura
© Chie Kajiura

The fourth and final of Chie Kajiura’s birthday concerts for Macross 7’s Mylene Flare Jenius was many things. It was a recap of the previous concerts for those who might have missed them. It was the end of an event which had seen its numbers increase year by year. It was the beginning of a new type of semi-regular gig for Chie. Most importantly, it was a glimpse into the politics that go on behind the scenes of the Macross franchise. This did not make for a particularly good concert. What followed it, however, did.

In retrospect, the signs that something wasn’t quite right had been there for a while, but I’ll get back to that in a moment. Only three months after the hugely successful 3rd Mylene Night, Chie dropped a bomb on her blog. The omnidimensional barrier had blown. The fourth Mylene Night would be the final one. Why? Chie’s only comment was that there were…’circumstances.’ She didn’t want to end the annual event because as long as there were fans who wanted to listen, she was prepared to sing. But large anime properties were protected by various restrictions while she was merely a solo freelance artist. The wording was obviously purposefully vague, but one thing was made clear. This would be the final Mylene Night we would get.

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Superdimensional Duet Collection – Nyan Kora! (Nyan Collaboration)


Due to be released on March 26 at a recommended retail price of 2000yen (plus tax) this 30th anniversary duet album will feature 5 all new collaborations, as well as the duets previously featured on the Nyan Dora drama albums. Among other highlights, the album will also include the first ever recorded version of the Mao Nome/Sheryl Nome version of Aimo that was first performed at the Macross Live 30 concert in 2013!
Track List
1. REMEMBER 16 <Macross 7>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
Basara x Ranka
2. Koi no Banana Moon <Macross 2>
Luca x Nanase
3. Runner(big Klan ver.) <Macross TV>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
4. Uchuu Fuufu-kan <Macross F>
Capt. Wilder x Monika
5. 0-G Love <Macross TV>
Grace x Leon
6. Totsugeki Love Heart<Macross 7>
Ozuma x Cathy
7. Shao Pai Lon <Macross TV>
Alto x Brera
8. Aimo <Macross F>
Mao x Sheryl
【Bonus Tracks】
9. Lion <Macross F>
Big Klan x Klan Klan
10. Friends~Jikuu wo koete~ (15th Anniversary single)
Minmei x Mylene

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Fire bomBAR

As discussed towards the end of the latest Macross SpeakerPODcast, the crew visited the Macross 7-themed Fire bomBAR in Osaka.

(other English-language coverage can be found HERE)

It looked a little bit like this.