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OST & Blu-ray Reissues.


Flying Dog and Bandai Visual have just announced some Macross Bluray and soundtrack reissues. So, if there’s a hole in your collection this may be your chance to stock up on more Macross! (Especially for the Macross Plus boxset which had previously sold out at many online retailers).


Blu-ray Reissues:
*Macross Plus Complete Blu-ray Box (w/some English subs/dub)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (1)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (2)

Soundtrack Reissues (2500yen each + tax):
*Macross 2 OST 1
*Macross 2 OST 2
*Macross Zero OST 1
*Macross Zero OST 2

Flying Dog also added the following to their ‘HD Music’ digital distribution service (96kHz/24bit WAV/FLAC)
*Macross F OST 1
*ULTRA FIRE! – Fire Bomber