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Another John Moscato Model Maker Interview !


“Macrosshare Radio” (more like a podcast) presents one more episode in an ongoing series of interviews with creative Macross fans !

In this 1 hour 3 minute episode, John Moscato also known as Captain America on the Macross World forum:

  • Shares his experiences about his latest completed modeling work on the 1/48 “Pinky Space Crab” resin model kit
  • Answers some questions from his “fans”
  • Reveals his thoughts on the modeling design process for the legendary 1/32 Legioss resin model kit
  • Discusses the pro’s and con’s on hobby modeling for the Wonderfest modeling conventions.

A production model diary .pdf file has been compiled to chronicle John’s recently completed and sold out 1/48 Inbit Gurab resin model kit.

1/32 Legioss production model diary is also available for reading, so  you can see which parts of the Legioss model John is talking about.

(download – right click & ‘save as’)

You can also listen to the previous three John Moscato interview episodes on the Mixlr Macrosshare Show Reel by clicking here.

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Fire bomBAR

As discussed towards the end of the latest Macross SpeakerPODcast, the crew visited the Macross 7-themed Fire bomBAR in Osaka.

(other English-language coverage can be found HERE)

It looked a little bit like this.

Fan Works Models Podcast

John Moscato Interview and Model Retrospective

Four model examples of John Moscato’s handi-work.

Saturday, November 2, 2013 at noon / 1200 hours Central Standard Time on the Macross World forum, a live interview will be held on the Macross World forum with John Moscato / Captain America, model maker extraordinaire!

The John Moscato online interview will be presented both as a forum interview with questions / comments / pictures posted on the Macross World forum and as a live podcast on the Macrosshare Radio Mixlr account.

Initially, I will be posting 28 interview questions on the forum from a recent email interview with John. One interview question / answer will be posted every 3-5 minutes, so that you can share comments, pictures and pose questions to John about his modeling projects during the interview. Every 15 minutes, a new segment of the ongoing live interview will be posted through the “Macrosshare Radio” Mixlr account. I will be posting weblinks to the interview segments on the forum as the podcasts become available. The live audio interview podcast will be presented as 3-4 parts of 10 minutes each. Next week, I will present a final edition of the John Moscato audio interview podcast.

For this afternoon, John will answer as many questions as he can before he heads out for a Halloween party.

There will also be made available on bittorrent the “Moscato Model Retrospective Collection”! It will include a a large collection of completed model pictures contributed by the many talented model builders from the Macross World forum as well as Model Production Diairies in PDF format that show John’s model work in progress.

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Podcast: Retrospective on Yamato Macross Toys


As previously reported HERE, Yamato, the company that brought fans the greatest Macross toys ever is undergoing some changes and forthcoming Macross-licensed items will now be sold under the Arcadia brand.

The evolution of Yamato’s Macross products have always been somewhat synchronous with the growth of Macrossworld as a fansite, seeing as they both began at around the same time, making this transition all the more poignant.

This sign of the changing times gives us  an opportunity to look backand reminisce all the elation and/or frustration that Yamato’s products have given us over their 13-year journey exceeding time and space.

Thus MW member VF5SS and I (Renato from the Macross Speaker Podcast) got together for a talk session where we powered through Yamato’s entire back-catalogue, with a smattering of insights on the company philosophy and the changing nature of the market taken from an interview I personally conducted with Yamato Toys staff in June 2012.

The host page on CollectionDX, including a long list of links to every Yamato Valkyrie review on the site is here:


Direct download links are here:



And discussion threads are HERE (Movies and Series Forum) and HERE (Toys Forum)


Music Podcast Production History

Podcast — Macross Music in the 2000s

The third in the series of in-depth explorations into the changing world of Macross music throughout the decades, featuring MW members VF5SS and Gubaba has been put online over at Collection DX.  This time our intrepid casters discuss the highs and lows of the Space Age 2000s.  Also, I should mention that “Pink Lady & Jeff” and “Laverne & Shirley” are referenced.


Link to “Macross Music in the 1990s” here

Link to “Macross Music in the 1980s” HERE


Discussion thread is HERE

♪ DAKISHIMETE!  GINGA NO HATE MADE!!  ♪  (← Wow, look at that.  “Ginga, no hate made”.  I’m sure that’s some sort of polite retort to some misunderstanding in NED-speak dialect, possibly used in Glasgow suburbs…)

Music Podcast Production History

Podcast — “Macross Music in the 1990s”

MW member VF5SS has updated his blog on Collection DX with the second in a series investigating the history of Macross music, this time focusing on the 1990s period.  Fellow MWer Gubaba once again is co-host, as ever enlightening us as to the exploits of the Onyanko Club et al, to give us the required understanding of the context surrounding this period in time.

Download from here

Link to the previous instalment, “Macross Music in the 1980s” HERE


Music Podcast Production History

Podcast — Macross Music in the 1980’s

Member VF5SS/Andrew/Veef from CollectionDX and Macross World has a new episode of his podcast, “The Veef Show”!

Episode 43 features MW member Gubaba/Richard as a guest, discussing not only the music of the original Macross TV show, but also contextualizing it by giving us insight on idols and the pop music environment in Japan at around the time.

Download it from here:

The Veef Show Episode 43 – Macross Music in the 1980’s


Podcast Production History staff interviews Toys

The History of the Takatoku 1/55 VF-1 Valkyrie Toy

A couple of weeks ago, VF5SS and I got together to discuss the 1/55 VF-1 Valkyrie toy, a highly influential, internationally bestselling and memorable toy from 1982, with a highly complex background to match.

For your listening pleasure, we hereby present the story of Takatoku’s masterpiece, the 1/55 VF-1, from prototype to toy, to bootleg, to reissue.

I believe a great deal of this information is new to English-speakers, since a lot of it is taken from the following Japanese sources: Figure Oh #130, #77 and #134; Model Graphix #318, and Shoji Kawamori Macross Design Works.

LISTEN HERE: Streaming version on Youtube.

MP3 version direct download

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