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Podcast — Macross Music in the 2000s

The third in the series of in-depth explorations into the changing world of Macross music throughout the decades, featuring MW members VF5SS and Gubaba has been put online over at Collection DX.  This time our intrepid casters discuss the highs and lows of the Space Age 2000s.  Also, I should mention that “Pink Lady & Jeff” and “Laverne & Shirley” are referenced.


Link to “Macross Music in the 1990s” here

Link to “Macross Music in the 1980s” HERE


Discussion thread is HERE

♪ DAKISHIMETE!  GINGA NO HATE MADE!!  ♪  (← Wow, look at that.  “Ginga, no hate made”.  I’m sure that’s some sort of polite retort to some misunderstanding in NED-speak dialect, possibly used in Glasgow suburbs…)