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Macross Elysium – fan motion comic by falconkpd

Originally debuted at Macross World Convention 2015 in October, forum regular falconkpd has put together a motion comic of his ‘Macross Elysium’ fan comic. Check it out!

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New Translation of “The Plundering Fleet” from Macross: Perfect Memory, by Kenichi Matsuzaki, Trans.: Gubaba


MW member and Macross SpeakerPODcast partner-in-crime Gubaba has provided us with another new translation!  I’ll leave it to him to introduce it…  Download link at the bottom!

The Plundering Fleet is one of two short stories included in the Macross Perfect Memory book from 1983, in the section “Macross Outside Story” (by which, they mean “side stories”). It was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was the script editor for the series and also wrote plenty of episodes, including the first three and “Love Drifts Away.”

You may remember that in Episode 15 of the series, Global tells Misa a story about her father pulling off some wild scheme involving pretending to be Anti-Unification Forces and raiding a UN storehouse. That’s what this story is about, but really, only partially.

I’ve always been kind of curious about the story. MW member Roycommi posted a version over a decade ago, but since that was only two pages long, and the story in Japanese covers four pages of extremely small, dense text, there was clearly a lot missing. I started the translation in late 2011, while still working on the Misa novel. I did most of the first section, and then put it away for a few years, picking it up a little less than a year ago. I worked on it sporadically this year, and finally finished it yesterday (mostly… There will be a slightly revised version coming later). Honestly, I found it a real slog. Fun to read, I hope, but really difficult to translate. Neil Nadelman and Frank Reynolds helped with the submarine terminology, and my old housemate in Tokyo, Irina, helped confirm that the “Russian” names in the story aren’t actually Russian, and okayed my spelling of them. Any errors that remain, however, are my own.

Download HERE: The Plundering Fleet

Discuss on the forums HERE




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Wonder Festival 2015 Winter Photo Gallery


Wonder Festival 2015 Winter was held yesterday (Feb. 8) at Makuhari Messe, and a couple of members of SpeakerPODcast were on hand to take pics and gather all the latest gossip and info.

Of course, the big news for Macross fans was the announcement of the VF-0A and VF-0S, both tentatively scheduled to be released at some point by the end of 2015.

The VF-0A and VF-0S are not reissues of the older Yamato versions but have been redesigned from scratch. More specifically, a lot of the engineering work that was put into the VF-0D was able to be applied to the 0A and 0S meaning that hopefully some of the QA issues that hampered Yamato’s earlier attempts will not be an issue this time around.

Pricing has yet to be announced although word on the show floor was that fans should expect a price range similar to that of the VF-0D, give or take a little.

The following photo gallery comes courtesy of Save and includes both the VF-0A, 0S, and 0D, garage kits, model kits and even a little bit of Orguss. Because Renato just wouldn’t forgive us if we left it out.

We also ran into original SDF-1 designer Kazutaka Miyatake at the show and had a little chat. But that’s a story for a future episode of SpeakerPODcast.

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Flight of the Valkyries @ Anime Boston


Collection DX’s Veef did a panel on the origins of some of Macrosses most notable Valkyries at Anime Boston last weekend. His writeup of the convention can be found here.

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John Moscato Interview and Model Retrospective

Four model examples of John Moscato’s handi-work.

Saturday, November 2, 2013 at noon / 1200 hours Central Standard Time on the Macross World forum, a live interview will be held on the Macross World forum with John Moscato / Captain America, model maker extraordinaire!

The John Moscato online interview will be presented both as a forum interview with questions / comments / pictures posted on the Macross World forum and as a live podcast on the Macrosshare Radio Mixlr account.

Initially, I will be posting 28 interview questions on the forum from a recent email interview with John. One interview question / answer will be posted every 3-5 minutes, so that you can share comments, pictures and pose questions to John about his modeling projects during the interview. Every 15 minutes, a new segment of the ongoing live interview will be posted through the “Macrosshare Radio” Mixlr account. I will be posting weblinks to the interview segments on the forum as the podcasts become available. The live audio interview podcast will be presented as 3-4 parts of 10 minutes each. Next week, I will present a final edition of the John Moscato audio interview podcast.

For this afternoon, John will answer as many questions as he can before he heads out for a Halloween party.

There will also be made available on bittorrent the “Moscato Model Retrospective Collection”! It will include a a large collection of completed model pictures contributed by the many talented model builders from the Macross World forum as well as Model Production Diairies in PDF format that show John’s model work in progress.

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Macross World Convention 2013 a roaring success!


Reports from this year’s Macross World Convention are popping up both in the forums as well as elsewhere online and all seem to share a common sentiment – 2013 was a great success and everyone had a great time!

The following is a selection of links/media to help give those who weren’t fortunate enough to attend an idea of just what all the fuss was about!

Report from PLASTIK DOLLS.

Report from GEEK.

Report from ANIME DIET.

Report from SUNEYA (Japanese)

Vid from Ron5864

Vid from Jetspectacular

Pics from Char350 (also HERE)

Pics from SpookyElectric.

Pics from XFJ-01A.

Pics from VF-15 Banshee.

Pics from Alex5.

Pics from Jetspectacular.

Of course, all the real chatter is happening on over in the forums, so be sure to check out the MW Con thread!

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Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Translated


Gubaba, from Macross SpeakerPodCast, has posted a complete English translation for the Macross® novella, Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences. Despite having been originally published in 1984, this is the first time that White Reminiscences has ever been translated into English. White Reminiscences recounts Misa’s early life experiences, from her initial meeting with Riber Fruhling to her days at the UN Spacy Officer’s Academy during the tumultuous period of the Unification Wars. Having been conceived by Macross creator, Shoji Kawamori, and written by Macross screenplay writer, Hiroshi Ohnogi, White Reminiscences is a canonical piece of Macross literature and an absolute must read for fans.

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Macross @ Anime Boston 2013

Collection DX’s Veef has posted a comprehensive account of his recent trip to Anime Boston, including a 55 minute movie of his panel on Macross Mecha ‘Flight of the Valkyries.’

Always great to see Macross out there getting some coverage. Got any feedback or comments for Veef? Join the discussion over in the FORUMS.

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Fan Art VF-0S by Prasit Ployphisut from our Facebook Page

Check out this beautiful painting of Roy’s VF-0S from one of our Facebook fans, Prasit Ployphisut. The most amazing thing is that he did it on Adobe Illustrator, so this is a vector based image. Incredible!


Great job, Prasit!

Facebook Page

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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part II

So where were we?

Oh yeah… Wonder Festival 2012 Summer, Macross stuff. Let me read where I left off…