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Macross Delta – Latest Key Visual Revealed!

Delta KV 2
The second key visual for Macross Delta was revealed today, along with confirmation that the series will indeed start airing in April as previously speculated (exact date TBD).

In addition, a novelisation and FOUR spin-off manga were also announced.
Exact details about the manga have yet to be revealed, but some will deal with the origins of both Walkure and the Aerial Knights.
The manga will run in the following publications:

■Magazine Special (Weekly Shonen Magazine).
Artist: Kei Ichimonji (一文字 蛍)
Starts: May

■Shonen Sirius Monthly:
Artist: Tatsuo  (タツヲ)
Starts: April

■Comic Rex Monthly
Artist: Shion Miduki (満月シオン)
Starts: April

■Comic Zero Sum Monthly
Artist: Azuki Fuji (藤小豆)
Starts: April

A talkshow will also be held at Anime Japan 2016 on March 26, featuring cast members from the original Macross, Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross Delta.

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Miyatake interview from “SDF-1 Macross: Thorough Dissection”

WIN_20150915_161210-SMALLAs we board the hype train leading up to Kazutaka Miyatake’s exhibition of original artworks, let us look at a recent interview with him conducted earlier this year for the “SDF-1 Macross: Thorough Dissection” book — you know, the one which also doubles as an enormous 1/2400 scale papercraft model of the Fortress Exceeding Space and Time itself (the cover of the book stoically assures us that it is genuine “Deculture Scale”, no less).

The translation starts right after the jump! (I tried to be as accurate as possible, and that is why the four in-text notes are oddly numbered: there are two #3’s, and there is no #1.  😛 )

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New Translation of “The Plundering Fleet” from Macross: Perfect Memory, by Kenichi Matsuzaki, Trans.: Gubaba


MW member and Macross SpeakerPODcast partner-in-crime Gubaba has provided us with another new translation!  I’ll leave it to him to introduce it…  Download link at the bottom!

The Plundering Fleet is one of two short stories included in the Macross Perfect Memory book from 1983, in the section “Macross Outside Story” (by which, they mean “side stories”). It was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was the script editor for the series and also wrote plenty of episodes, including the first three and “Love Drifts Away.”

You may remember that in Episode 15 of the series, Global tells Misa a story about her father pulling off some wild scheme involving pretending to be Anti-Unification Forces and raiding a UN storehouse. That’s what this story is about, but really, only partially.

I’ve always been kind of curious about the story. MW member Roycommi posted a version over a decade ago, but since that was only two pages long, and the story in Japanese covers four pages of extremely small, dense text, there was clearly a lot missing. I started the translation in late 2011, while still working on the Misa novel. I did most of the first section, and then put it away for a few years, picking it up a little less than a year ago. I worked on it sporadically this year, and finally finished it yesterday (mostly… There will be a slightly revised version coming later). Honestly, I found it a real slog. Fun to read, I hope, but really difficult to translate. Neil Nadelman and Frank Reynolds helped with the submarine terminology, and my old housemate in Tokyo, Irina, helped confirm that the “Russian” names in the story aren’t actually Russian, and okayed my spelling of them. Any errors that remain, however, are my own.

Download HERE: The Plundering Fleet

Discuss on the forums HERE




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Macross the First Vol.6 – OUT NOW!


Macross THE FIRST Vol. 6 goes on sale today in Japan. With a recommended retail price starting at626yen, fans of published, physical material can grab a copy at online retailers such as Amazon Japan or Yes Asia.

To coincide with the release, ComicWalker has also updated its service with the very latest chapter of Macross THE FIRST. The chapter is free, however please note that you will need to set your device’s OS to Japanese in order to view it.



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Variable Fighter Master File Campaign

A select number of bookstores throughout Japan are holding a ‘Variable Master Fighter Fair’ promotion. Anyone who purchases any of the Master Files books at participating stores will receive a bonus alternate cover – in Zentran!


A list of participating stores (in Japanese) can be found HERE.

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Macross The First Returns


First picked up on by forum user Peter, and later confirmed by forum user Antibiotictab, MACROSS THE FIRST will be returning in digital format.

Kadokawa’s newly launched digital manga service COMIC WALKER will host the manga by famed Macross character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto, from late April. The Japanese version of the digital service posted late last night that it would run ‘the previously unknown Episode 0 , greatly expanded and with an increased number of colour insert pages. While it has yet to be announced whether the Comic Walker version will start from where the print version ended or rerun the entire series, the fact that there is an Episode 0 seems to indicate that the manga will be rerun from scratch, meaning it could still be a few months until the digital version catches up to where the original print version left off.

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Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Translated


Gubaba, from Macross SpeakerPodCast, has posted a complete English translation for the Macross® novella, Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences. Despite having been originally published in 1984, this is the first time that White Reminiscences has ever been translated into English. White Reminiscences recounts Misa’s early life experiences, from her initial meeting with Riber Fruhling to her days at the UN Spacy Officer’s Academy during the tumultuous period of the Unification Wars. Having been conceived by Macross creator, Shoji Kawamori, and written by Macross screenplay writer, Hiroshi Ohnogi, White Reminiscences is a canonical piece of Macross literature and an absolute must read for fans.

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Macross The First Vol. 5 Cover Revealed/Release Date

macross the first vol 5

Thanks to Jefuemon for posting this. The Macross the First Volume 5 Cover has been revealed on and it features a glorious cover with Captain Bruno Gloval and the lovely “Bridge Bunnies” Vanessa, Kim and Shammy. Scheduled to ship March 26, 2013.



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Macross Chronicle, new edition, issue #1 released!

The Macross Chronicle is back!

Remember way back in 2008, when the definitive encyclopedia of all things Macross-related was announced?  Well, it came and went, leaving us with a roster of 50 bi-weekly issues of cool art and full-to-the-brim stats for all you hardcore nerdy types.  And now “THE TIME TO SCRAMBLE VALKYRIE AGAIN” because the Chronicle has returned, meatier than ever, courtesy of DeAgostini.  After a trial run in the Hiroshima area last year, 80 WEEKLY issues have been promised, and the first one comes with a free binder rocking some super dimensional Tenjin artwork of the majestic SDF-1.

A few photos and comparisons with the old release follow.


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Macross The Movie (Gold Book) Released as “e-Book” For 30th Anniversary For A Very Limited Time

Shogakukan, Inc. and the site “eBookJapan” e-book sales has announced a digital rerelease of the classic “MACROSS ☆ THE MOVIE ☆” book, otherwise known to fans as “The Gold Book”. The 400+ page movie memorabilia was originally released in 1984 for 8000円 by Shogakukan and reprinted in 1992 for 8800円/9800円. At one time, this book was rated by Macrossworld as “very difficult” to obtain and was valued between $150 – $250. I got my first copy for $200+ then later I bought another copy for around $130 complete with poster and film strip.

The digital download will be available for 4725円 for a very limited time on August 31, 2012 to October 31, 2012 at THIS site.

Macrossworld Gold Book Page