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Macross Chronicle, new edition, issue #1 released!

The Macross Chronicle is back!

Remember way back in 2008, when the definitive encyclopedia of all things Macross-related was announced?  Well, it came and went, leaving us with a roster of 50 bi-weekly issues of cool art and full-to-the-brim stats for all you hardcore nerdy types.  And now “THE TIME TO SCRAMBLE VALKYRIE AGAIN” because the Chronicle has returned, meatier than ever, courtesy of DeAgostini.  After a trial run in the Hiroshima area last year, 80 WEEKLY issues have been promised, and the first one comes with a free binder rocking some super dimensional Tenjin artwork of the majestic SDF-1.

A few photos and comparisons with the old release follow.



New material right off the bat — YF-29!


A brand new section is the “Episode Sheet”, featuring “Booby Trap”, the first episode of the SDF Macross TV series.


The Macross Timeline sheets are almost identical to the previous release, save for the coloured image of the Macross at the bottom. DSC01706

They were kind enough to re-position the page numbers in the fold-out pages for easy referencing.  Now you do not have to fold out the page to check the number.

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