GU-11 Gatling Gunpod – Arcadia Wonder Festival 2014 (Winter) Special Item

Thanks to Dark_Ghost for posting this, seems like Arcadia just surprised everyone with what might be an exclusive Wonderfest item. A GU-11 Gunpod that is scaled to a micron (earth human)! What’s that? About 1/6 scale maybe? Who knows… it’s very cool, but is it 110,000円 cool?


Here’s Mr.K himself asking you to say hello to his lil’ friend!





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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part VII: BlackAces Report – Miscellaneous

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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part VI: BlackAces Report – Frame Out Models

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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part V: BlackAces Report – Experten

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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part IV: BlackAces Report – Seventh Moon/MetalBox

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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items Part II

So where were we?

Oh yeah… Wonder Festival 2012 Summer, Macross stuff. Let me read where I left off…



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Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items

I just got an email with an excel file of the Macross items that will be at Wonderfest 2012 Summer, happening this Sunday, July 29. There seems to be a fair amount of kits, most of which we’ve seen before such as the Experten 1/100s and the Metal Box super deformed kits from last winter.

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Experten 1/100 VF-5000G for 2012 Summer Wonderfest

Scooped by our very own moderator David Hingtgen is this CG mock up of what is suppose to be a 1/100 scale VF-5000G Star Mirage. Wonderfest is about a month away (July 29) so I’m hoping it’s a lot further than this and we’ll be able to see the whole thing soon. Experten has a line of 1/100 Macross transformable resin kits that he brings to Wonderfest and they usually sell out pretty quick. So if you’re heading that way for one of these, you better have a lot of time and a lot of yen to snag up one of these babies, if it’s there by then. Good luck!

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More WF news: Yamato 1/60 VF-1 Re-releases with upgrade parts coming


Wonder Festival 2012 continues as Noel’s photos — via Graham — this time reveal Yamato’s plans to reissue the 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker, VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo and the VF-1D Trainer, this time with “option parts”, i.e. side-covers and elevating seats for Battroid mode.

Price 10,290 yen, out April (VF-1D) and May (VF-1S), 2012.

Images here:

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More SD Destroids from Metal Box

Member ahiachris posted that more super-deformed kits are going to be sold at the MetalBox booth. This time it’s the three remaining Destroids. The Tomahawk, Defender and the Phalanx.
We recently saw the Spartan HERE among the other Metalbox SD Macross kits. These new kits are seen in color as opposed to the recent pictures where all the samples were only primered. According to the MetalBox site, the kits paint application were inspired by the Arii model box art.  Reading further using online translation tools, I’m judging that these will be unpainted, unassembled kits. We’ll find out Feb 12.

four SD destroids

Check out the post HERE and then see the MetalBox site here.

More pics after the jump: