Fake Arcadia 1/60 Minmay Guard “Paris Moon Act” VF-1S

No details yet, none that I can translate anyway. We’ll update this as soon as we have something solid, but member IXTL found this in the ToysDaily forums.

EDIT: It’s a fake! A Joke from a Toysdaily member. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=39316&p=1049731






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In Hand Images Of The 1/60 VF-4G Start To Emerge




Yamato’s long awaited toy version of the Lightning may have been one of the most anticipated toys in the Macross fans’ collections. Even before it was announced collectors have always asked what was the possibility of ever getting one. While most people insisted this was never going to be possible, Yamato Toys found a way to bring it to reality. And now, it’s reality has become more solid as the first shipments have started to hit home.

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Yamato Posts VF-4G 2nd Test Shots Online

Yamato posted these test shots of their upcoming 1/60 VF-4G Lightning in gorgeous black on their website. I gotta say, that color makes it look absolutely kick ass. I’m a sucker for these test shot, I think all toys look great in all black or gray. But you know, since these are all test shots and seeing that you’re done with it. How about sending me this one? I bought the white gloves and everything. I know you’re reading this Mr.K. On your iPad… in your boxers. I know cuz I’m looking at you right now!

Yamato’s development page


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DX Chogokin VF-171 Cannon Fodder

Thanks again to IXTL for posting these in the forums. This has to be my number 2 favorite Macross Mecha after the VF-1 and this scheme is the one that I love for the 171. Great job Bandai. Back in Sept 14, it was hinted that there were going to be big announcements from Bandai. I’m glad it wasn’t just the 1/72 VF-1. I’m kinda blown away Bandai! Hope to see more next year. Forget all that Gundam crap!  (JK, Gundam fans!)  Continue reading “DX Chogokin VF-171 Cannon Fodder”

Outlook for the FB2012 version of the VF-4 Lightning – Not So Good

As suspected before, it is due to licensing that Yamato will NOT be releasing the Flashback 2012 version of the VF-4 Lightning.

According to this statement posted on Yamato’s page: “We wanted to make it in the white version in FlashBack 2012 but due to licensing issues it wil be the gray version in VF-X”.

Hopefully Yamato does include stickers or even decals for those brave enough to paint their limited version web exclusive toy and re-deco it as the iconic skull squadron scheme from the Angel’s Paint video.

My suggestion to them would be a white non-paint version follow up with all the appropriate markings.

Link to Yamato Page

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Bandai’s 30th Anniversary Special YF-29 in Focker Scheme with Gallery

As posted two weeks ago here, Bandai is releasing a special 30th Anniversary version of their DX 1/60 YF-29 in Roy Focker’s classic yellow and black scheme. MW member, ff95gj, just posted pictures of this toy from Bandai’s Tamashii Nation web page. Good luck getting this one…

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Vote on our Poll! Would you buy the 1/60 Yamato VF-4G?

As we learned from this article, Yamato is currently running a non-binding pre-order sale for their upcoming 30th anniversary web site exclusive 1/60 scale VF-4G. The pre-order will decide how the high end collectors’ item will be priced.

We all expected this bird to be the same one that was seen in  “Angel’s Paint (Tenshi no Enogu)” from the collection of Minmay videos named Flashback 2012. But as it turns out the toy that will be released will be in the scheme that was seen in the Sony Playstation game; Macross Digital Mission: VF-X. It is assumed that this is due to licensing but it also maybe due to the fact that we never actually see the Lightning transform in the FB2012 video. But in the video game version, a newer model called the VF-4G Lightning III did have the other two modes.

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