GU-11 Gatling Gunpod – Arcadia Wonder Festival 2014 (Winter) Special Item

Thanks to Dark_Ghost for posting this, seems like Arcadia just surprised everyone with what might be an exclusive Wonderfest item. A GU-11 Gunpod that is scaled to a micron (earth human)! What’s that? About 1/6 scale maybe? Who knows… it’s very cool, but is it 110,000円 cool?


Here’s Mr.K himself asking you to say hello to his lil’ friend!





30th Anniversary Collectors Music

Arcadia’s 1:1 scale Nekki Basara “Fire Bomber” Model Guitar Official Page

Arcadia’s newest Macross product page recently went live and it’s for the 1:1 scale replica of Basara’s iconic guitar from Macross 7. Previously seen as a potential Yamato Toys release, we’ve been getting images of this guitar in trade shows and at the Yamato open houses for quite a while now. We’ve even had reports of Yoshiki Fukuyama handling the guitar in one gig.


nekki basara guitar arcadia


Tentatively priced at 350,000円, this fully functional collector’s piece is obviously aimed at the biggest and most well to do Fire Bomber fan. According to the page, Mr. Fukuyama himself had input as far as the guitar’s body design. The guitar will be hand made and made to order. It also warns that each piece will take several months in production. Each run will be done in quantities, the first run will be limited to ten. A case, 4 picks and guitar strap will be included, with each item emblazoned with the Fire Bomber logo.


Fake Arcadia 1/60 Minmay Guard “Paris Moon Act” VF-1S

No details yet, none that I can translate anyway. We’ll update this as soon as we have something solid, but member IXTL found this in the ToysDaily forums.

EDIT: It’s a fake! A Joke from a Toysdaily member.






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30th Anniversary Toys

Arcadia Announces a 30th Anniversary Macross VF-1J Valkyrie

Thanks to Cdisdope for this scoop. Ripped from the pages of Hyper Hobby magazine is an illustration of Arcadia’s first official venture into Macross toys territory.

arcadia 30th Anniversary