GU-11 Gatling Gunpod – Arcadia Wonder Festival 2014 (Winter) Special Item

Thanks to Dark_Ghost for posting this, seems like Arcadia just surprised everyone with what might be an exclusive Wonderfest item. A GU-11 Gunpod that is scaled to a micron (earth human)! What’s that? About 1/6 scale maybe? Who knows… it’s very cool, but is it 110,000円 cool?


Here’s Mr.K himself asking you to say hello to his lil’ friend!





Wonderfest 2012 Summer Macross Items

I just got an email with an excel file of the Macross items that will be at Wonderfest 2012 Summer, happening this Sunday, July 29. There seems to be a fair amount of kits, most of which we’ve seen before such as the Experten 1/100s and the Metal Box super deformed kits from last winter.

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Experten 1/100 VF-5000G for 2012 Summer Wonderfest

Scooped by our very own moderator David Hingtgen is this CG mock up of what is suppose to be a 1/100 scale VF-5000G Star Mirage. Wonderfest is about a month away (July 29) so I’m hoping it’s a lot further than this and we’ll be able to see the whole thing soon. Experten has a line of 1/100 Macross transformable resin kits that he brings to Wonderfest and they usually sell out pretty quick. So if you’re heading that way for one of these, you better have a lot of time and a lot of yen to snag up one of these babies, if it’s there by then. Good luck!

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More WF news: Yamato 1/60 VF-1 Re-releases with upgrade parts coming


Wonder Festival 2012 continues as Noel’s photos — via Graham — this time reveal Yamato’s plans to reissue the 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker, VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo and the VF-1D Trainer, this time with “option parts”, i.e. side-covers and elevating seats for Battroid mode.

Price 10,290 yen, out April (VF-1D) and May (VF-1S), 2012.

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