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New CADs for the Bandai 1/72 VF-1 Transformable Plamodel Kit

Bandai posted the new updated CAD designs for their upcoming 1/72VF-1 Valkykrie PlaModel.



On the article, the developer states how far the design has come since the last reveal and that they are still working on thickening the arms for battroid mode and strengthening the ankles for a more secure stance. Not only are they working on the articulation features, but he is hoping to have a rapid prototype with the transformation gimmick in place for the next media event.

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More SD Destroids from Metal Box

Member ahiachris posted that more super-deformed kits are going to be sold at the MetalBox booth. This time it’s the three remaining Destroids. The Tomahawk, Defender and the Phalanx.
We recently saw the Spartan HERE among the other Metalbox SD Macross kits. These new kits are seen in color as opposed to the recent pictures where all the samples were only primered. According to the MetalBox site, the kits paint application were inspired by the Arii model box art. ┬áReading further using online translation tools, I’m judging that these will be unpainted, unassembled kits. We’ll find out Feb 12.

four SD destroids

Check out the post HERE and then see the MetalBox site here.

More pics after the jump:

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Possible Yamato Ghost and Lancer II Kits?

I first read about it HERE ON MECH9 but I wanted to wait for another source.
A couple of days later MW member sketchley posted about it in the Movie and TV scoop thread here. he also provided the scan. It’s still not confirmed officially. Stay tune for more details on these possible “30th Anniversary” kits.

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