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Final batch of Macross Movies Blu-ray discs are OUT!


Today sees the release of the remaining three Macross movies in their sleeker, stand-alone, new editions: Macross: Do You Remember Love, Macross Plus: Movie Edition, and Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me.  Following on from the release of the two Macross Frontier movies, The False Diva and The Wings of Farewell, these last three releases also boast brand-new art by staff members, namely Koji Morimoto (Plus), Haruhiko Mikimoto (DYRL and 7) and Hidetaka Tenjin (er, all the things), as well as newly recorded audio commentaries, featuring Mika Doi (Misa Hayase), Akira Kamiya (Roy Focker), Yasunori Honda (DYRL sound producer), Shoji Kawamori, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Takumi Yamazaki (Isamu Dyson), Unshou Ishizuka (Guld Bowman), Ichiro Itano, Keiko Nobumoto (Plus screenwriter), Michiko Nemoto (Emilia Jenius), Tetsuro Amino (M7 director) and many MORE.

But of course, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind is whether or not the censorship that plagued the original release of DYRL on BD is still there or not.  I can happily report that it has been removed and so the movie is just the way you remember it.  DO YOU REMEMBER GORE?

Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to own these classics, looking better than ever.  Though in the case of the Frontier movies, I would say the Shudista boxset is still better value, since it’s jam-packed with bonus content, and you get a bunch of books as well as English subtitles, which the new releases sadly lack.

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