Hasegawa rereleases their 1/72 VF-11 B thunderbolt, now with Fast Packs

Sorry about the lack of toy and models updates… aside from the VF-4G, The 19F and P from Yamato and the find it or suck it Bandai exclusives, there’s hasn’t been much on the toy front. Hasegawa did announce a reissue of their Macross Plus 1/72 Thunderbolt model kits, this time with Fastpacks. So if you missed it the first time, you get a bonus.

Bandai has been hinting on an another Macross 30th Anniversary announcement at the next Hobby show. If it’s a model then it’s most likely at the All Japan Mokei Show at Mukahari, Chiba on October 13 and 14. If it’s a toy then maybe the announcement will be at the show at their Tamashi Nations Collectors Department on Oct 26-28. At that same show will be an exclusive recolor of the Figuarts Zero “Shine of The Valkyrie” Sheryl, also known as the Shining Blue Sheryl. It will be available for 4500円.


Macross The Ride

In November 2011, Dengeki Hobby Magazine announced that they will be doing a light serialization based on customized variations of different Macross mechs. Hasegawa will also produce model kits based on these customs that will be designed by Tenjin Hidetaka under the supervision of Shoji Kawamori himself. New characters will also be created for this new storyline.

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Valkyries – Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross

Moving back once again to spotlight one of Macross’s finest treasures, we take a look at the first Valkyrie book by Macross artist Tenjin Hidetaka.

Released in April 2005, this collection highlights a lot of the box cover art from Hasegawa’s line of Valkyrie model kits and various Macross video games and DVD covers. He also did extensive work behind the scenes on Macross Zero and Macross Frontier (the latter is yet to be seen as this book was published before it’s release.)

Here are a few of his paintings after the break

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Hasegawa Lynn Minmay 2009 Special

Lynn Minmay Special Tenjin Mikimoto

2009 is a big year for everyone former of South Ataria Island, in particular Lynn Minmay. Not only did she get swept up into space and get hauled into a city built inside a space craft, but she also won the first ever Miss Macross Contest. In celebration of her win that very year, Hasegawa released this custom paint scheme for their 1/72 VF-1A model kit. Illustrated my Haruhiko Mikimoto and comes in a box with art by tenjin Hidetaka, this limited edition model kit was released in Japan September 2009.

More images after the break:

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