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Macross Frontier BD Extras Revealed


The official website for the upcoming Macross Frontier movie bluray boxset has been updated with information and samples of some of the included extras.

The update includes lists of much of the included video content (interestingly, any video’s reused from the PSP game limited packs have been remastered in HD!), sample pages from the setting documents (200p) and illustration (100p) books, and (finally) details regarding the PS3 ‘PlayView’ feature.

PlayView is a kind of interactive slide show which allows users to view story boards and design docs along-side the final animated scenes themselves.

There are apparently still movies and content that have yet to be announced, but so far it looks like fans will be getting a lot of bang for their buck!

Release date: May 15, 2014 (limited 10-month release)

Price (DVD): 14,800yen

Price (BD):  16.800yen


Dengeki Online has also posted an extensive piece outlining the extras.

Thanks to SAVE for the tip!

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