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Mari Iijima, Singer-Songwriter & Voice of Minmay to perform at MacrossWorld 2015

We are proud to announce the return of Mari Iijima to MWCon as a Guest Of Honor! Mari Iijima is a long-time recording artist, singer & songwriter based in Los Angeles, who played the role of Lynn Minmay for “Macross” since 1982. Visit Mari at Let’s all welcome her back for MacrossWorld Convention 2015, coming October 17th! Tickets:


Movies and TV Series

SDF: Macross to be released in Bluray in Japan

TMBounty_Hunter posted to a link  that describes the release of the original 36 episodes of SDF:Macross on bluray.

Check out this sexy Tenjin Box art!

SDFM bluray box

This box set will come out in two different versions, standard and complete edition (limited).

The complete edition will come with these special features:

The Vault

Macross – Do You Remember Love – TV Spots!

This time in The Vault, we’ve resurrected some more classic Macross video goodness from the TV Ads page of the Legacy MacrossWorld site.

Namely, original TV spots promoting the now classic movie, Macross – Do You Remember Love.


For more information than you’ll ever need to know about Macross – Do You Remember Love, follow this link!

Macross – Do You Remember Love – Macross Compendium

Official Japanese Site

Macross – Do You Remember Love – Anime News Network

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