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Macross 30 Makes Super Robot Wars Debut


A leak of this weeks issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine has confirmed earlier rumours that the YF-30 from the 2013 PS3 game ‘Macross 30′ will be making an appearance in the upcoming Super Robot Wars BX on the Nintendo 3DS.

Series protagonist Rion Sakaki has been shown in leaked screenshots piloting his VF-25 from the opening of Macross 30, while a splash page shows illustrations of both the YF-30, as well as the YF-29 Durandal from ‘Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell’. The article goes on to confirm that characters/mecha from ‘Macross Frontier: The False Songstress‘ will also be included.

Super Robot Wars BX will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 20, 2015 for 6640 yen (7171 yen incl. tax). It will be region-locked to Japanese 3DS consoles.



EDIT: A trailer for the game has been posted by Bandai Namco. Check out the 0:45 and 3:55 mark for some Macross!

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Macross Card Fighter TV CM

Bandai Namco Games just broadcast/posted an all new image commercial for Macross Card Fighter.

It will blow your MIND.

Yack Deculture!

(CM content in no way represents the content of the actual game itself).

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Macross Cross-Deculture Screens


Macross Cross-Deculture, the ‘Free-to play’ social game for smartphones that debuted on Android devices in July 2012 and iOS later on, will be terminated by Bandai Namco games on February 17 – possibly to make way for the upcoming Macross Card Fighter and Macross Sound Scramble mobile games.
Cross-Deculture was typical card-based free-to-play fare, with the few actual interactive gameplay elements having little resemblance to the original teaser trailer that Bandai Namco initially released. Overall, it wasn’t much fun to actually play.

What it did have, however, was some great character art and interesting re-purposing of Macross characters and events (unfortunately as gatcha lucky draw prize campaigns for the most part).

For those who didn’t have the chance to see the game in action, a bunch of character and in-game screenshots can be found in the below gallery (sorry for the over abundance of Minmei shots – I used her far more than either Sheryl or Ranka!).

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YF-30 Chronos Chogokin Announced!


After teasing it for months, Bandai will finally announce the details for their DX-Chogokin YF-30 at Tamashii Nations on November 1st.

The YF-30 was designed by Shoji Kawamori specifically for the PS3 game Macross 30 – Voices Across the Galaxy. It was piloted by SMS pilot Leon Sakaki.


Thanks to MW user IXTL for the scoop and charger69 and wewe for additional pics.


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Macross 30 is Out & Unboxed!


It’s been February 28 for all of 1hr 20mins here in Japan, meaning that Macross 30 has officially been released! Since Japan doesnt do midnight launches, most people will have to wait until tomorrow to get their hands on the game. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some unboxing pics. Many thanks to Save who not only took the pics, but also tramped around Akihabara today to get some photos from the release of Haruka Chisuga’s OP/ED single for the game.

Because if you gotta train in a VF-0A, you might as well paint it the appropriate colors.
Because if you gotta train in a VF-0A, you might as well paint it the appropriate colors.

Full gallery of pics after the jump!

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New Macross 30 Animated Trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming PS3 game Macross 30 – Ginga wo Tsunagu Utagoe has gone live on Bandai Namco Game’s youtube channel. The trailer focuses on the games newly animated scenes (and therefore includes no actual gameplay footage) but features more than a few familiar faces.

Follow the hype train for the game here!

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Oshare Macross VD @ Shinjuku Marui One 02/6~02/21, 2013


The latest in Shinjuku Marui One’s Oshare Macross in-store exhibits – ‘Oshare Macross VD (Valentine’s Day) – opened on Wednesday, February 6th, to 3-degree temperatures, chilling winds, and snow. As with past exhibits, the latest Oshare Macross is rather small in scale and is made up of three main attractions:

(1) Merchandise –  a Macross-themed store on the first floor featuring several new and exhibit-only items and a whole bunch of other Macross stuff, fashion design collaborations with popular brands, Macross-themed sweets or deserts

(2)A small exhibit of Macross-related art – this time for the upcoming Macross 30 PS3 game
(3)Some sort of autograph session with a special guest which is usually held at a later date mid-way through the exhibit.

This exhibits special guest was actually the same as the previous one’s  (Oshare Macross 30Hirotaka Marufuji. If Marufuji’s name isn’t a familiar one it should be. He was the Chief Animation Director on Macross Frontier meaning that he has drawn Sheryl more times than Risa Ebata herself. He adapted many classic Macross characters to the newer, updated versions that were used in the Macross pachinko games. Most importantly, he is the lead character designer for Macross 30.

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Bandai Namco Live Macross 30 special streaming broadcast images

Here are some screencaps from the special 1-hour live streaming broadcast showcasing the much-hyped upcoming PS3 game “Macross 30” by Bandai Namco.  The show was mostly jokey talk with Macross reminiscing (“But is Exedore in the game??” etc), with special guests “Basara Sato” from Famitsu and “Chakku” from Bandai-Namco.

Somebody uploaded the gameplay sections of the programme to Youtube here:

See more images after the jump!

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Winter WonderFest 2013 Macross Stage images and summary


As previously announced, two Macross-themed talk/stage shows were streamed live through Nico Nico on Sunday, courtesy of Max Factory and the Good Smile Company to promote the new Macross 30 game, some Nendroid figures and a Sheryl statue, featuring  the Macross newcomer, Haruka Chisuga and friends.

Click the link below to see and read the highlights of the two shows!




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1:1 VF-25 Valkyrie Exhibit in Osaka


Forum regular and translator extraordinaire Sketchley has posted a report from the 1:1-VF-25 that is currently on display in Osaka (Dec. 22 to Jan. 14), along with some great pictures of new additions to the exhibit since its Tokyo debut last year, including shots of the YF-30 from the upcoming PS3 game Macross 30!