Confirmed: USA Xbox 360 Gamers Can Download Macross VF-1 Skins For Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Last month, Tochiro reported that Namco Bandai released downloadable VF-1 skins for Ace CombatAssault Horizon in Japan.  Initially, we believed that USA gamers would not be able to download these skins.  However, thanks to Macross_Fanboy, we’ve learned that it is indeed possible for USA gamers to download these skins onto their own Xbox 360™.  These skins include Hikaru Ichijo’s VF-1J color scheme and Roy Focker’s VF-1S color scheme.  Best of all, with these templates, you can use Ace Combat™ AH’s built-in color editor to create Max & Milia VF-1J’s, as well as Hikaru, Max, and Kakizaki color schemes from DYRL.  In a nutshell, you can take the entire Skull Squadron for a spin during online multiplayer in this game!

But, there are some hoops that USA gamers will need to jump through in order to get these skins.  For a tutorial that I wrote that’ll allow USA Xbox 360™ owners to download these skins, click on the jump.  Please excuse my crappy photos.

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Namco Bandai Announces VF-1 Skins for Ace Combat Assault Horizon

In what is hopefully only the first of many ways in which it celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Macross, Namco Bandai will release downloadable skins of the VF-1J and VF-1S for Ace Combat Assault Horizon on both PS3 and XBOX 360.

Unfortunately these will only be released in Japan and even the ‘region free’ PS3 region locks DLC (often it can be downloaded and paid for but won’t actually work.)

Full details can be found at ADRIASANG.

It’s funny how these things work – back in the day I remember thinking that Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere was quite possibly the best Macross game ever (with the caveat that its planes could actually transform). What do you guys think?

Super Robot Wars Z Hen World, now with more BOMBA!!!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released a new simulation RPG for the PSP, the “Super Robot Wars Z Hen world again” second.

The new version to be released April 5 will feature Basara and Gamlin, as well as Alto.

The video should be set up to start where the Fire Bomber himself appears and then watch Gamlin destroy a Vajra. Rewind to see Alto.