Images of the 1:1 Scale VF-25 from GA Graphic

From GA comes the first pics of the 1:1 scale VF-25 Messiah display. Now stare at the pics while I wipe the drool of my keyboard…sglokijuxdtcrgyhijuok;lpkojygfu[lntyjo0u ctjiyuh87tg6fred3wtygfr6hjkhy87xzededstyvuyytvrezxtghfyvjuikouhytregyhikohuy7tyfgetgyhjuikohuytgfvtryhujikouhytfgtyhujihy7tgtgyhuijhy87tr6grrtyghuj

See GA article here.

Super Robot Wars Z Hen World, now with more BOMBA!!!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released a new simulation RPG for the PSP, the “Super Robot Wars Z Hen world again” second.

The new version to be released April 5 will feature Basara and Gamlin, as well as Alto.

The video should be set up to start where the Fire Bomber himself appears and then watch Gamlin destroy a Vajra. Rewind to see Alto.


Bandai SD Infinty VF-25F

Here’s one of the most overlooked toys in the Macross line in recent years. Released around September 2010, it’s the first and only transformable SD toy that we’ve seen from any Macross line since the Joke machines. Below is an excellent youtube review by Peaugh, whose reviews are more known around the Transformers circuit, so keep the pitchforks down as he calls them “veritechs” at the end.

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