30th Anniversary Music

Yoshiki Fukuyama Discharged From Hospital

MW member antibiotictab posted a link today to Yoshiki Fukuyama’s online diary, which states that he was discharged from the Osaka hospital that he was admitted to almost a month ago. The musician, who performed as Basara Nekki’s singing voice on the Macross 7 series, is said to be resting until July 8.  He will resume working with his band, JAM Project, the following day.  He is scheduled to perform with Chie Kajiura this November as the band, Fire Bomber, from Macross 7. Here’s hoping that he will be in top shape by then and in great health in general soon.

Link to antibiotictab’s post.

30th Anniversary Movies and TV Series Music

Firebomber Concert in November, Tokyo and Osaka (UPDATED)

Wow… Fans in Japan should be happy about this!

To celebrate the 30th anniversery of Macross, the Fire Bomber band from Macross
Seven will be having a concert on November 23rd in Tokyo followed by a
show on the 24th in Osaka. The last Fire Bomber reunion concert was in 2009 and the one prior to that was 2007.

Both Chie Kajiura(Mylene) and Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara)  have been
confirmed of the show.

General public ticket sales start on September 1st.


Yoshiki Fukuyama has also announced via his website and the Official Macfross Fan Club that he will be doing a tribute tour:  ‘Yoshiki Fukuyama Sings FIRE BOMBER ~ A Tribute to Nekki Basara~.’

The tour will kick off on September 1st and include 8 shows over the course of four weeks at different cities throughout Japan. The last solo Tribute concert that Fukuyama did was in 2005, although he has been known to spring the odd impromtu Macross gig on fans, as he did during Christmas in 2010.



Macross 7 Sound Force Gun Pod Gamma at WonderFest


Previously seen as line art only, the prototype of the 1/60 Speaker/Gun Pod Gamma is displayed at 2012 Winter Wonder Fest.

Video Games

Super Robot Wars Z Hen World, now with more BOMBA!!!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released a new simulation RPG for the PSP, the “Super Robot Wars Z Hen world again” second.

The new version to be released April 5 will feature Basara and Gamlin, as well as Alto.

The video should be set up to start where the Fire Bomber himself appears and then watch Gamlin destroy a Vajra. Rewind to see Alto.